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Alaina Donovan

Hi, I'm Alaina Donovan IG : @alainaadonovan

Such a fantastic yet challenging hike. The day I summited there were extreme winds and the shelter at the top was evacuated! Highly recommended.

The pictures I got here give my parents a heart attack! Easy yet rewarding hike with a gorgeous view. Would recommend to anyone in the Ozarks.

I remember falling asleep on a rock in the sun while listening to the rush of Abrams Falls. Good memories. A hike that is worth the time.

I love this area of Michigan! After visiting this waterfall we stopped at a place nearby called Tahquamenon Falls. I wrote an 'adventure' about it. It's a massive 200 ft wide rootbeer colored waterfall. A must see! Have you been?

Love to hear about cool spots in MO. Need more on this site so we can help outdoor enthusiasts survive in this flat state ;)

I use to be a Camp Counselor in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and we would spend our days off camping at this beautiful place! Awesome memories here. I wrote an "adventure" about Doris Lake. You should give that spot a visit the next time you're in this area.

Love coming here on hot days in the summer months. Renting a canoe with my sisters and paddling over to the rope swing is such a fond memory of mine!

My favorite hike in the Smokies! Definitely not for those scared of heights. Lots of steep stairs but an awesome view at the top.