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Eager to Visit Florida? Why February is the Best Time to go

Florida has a lot to offer - clear springs, beautiful beaches, theme parks and warm weather. It's no wonder why it's one of the top travel destinations in the United States. But when exactly is the best time to visit The Sunshine State? The answer may surprise you! Here are the reasons why February makes an excellent time to go.

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Enjoyable Climate
This one has a few different aspects to fully consider. Obviously, February is going to bring cooler temperatures compared to the spring and summer months. But winter in February feels like spring to many other places in the country. The average temperature ranges between 64*F and 75*F (my idea of a perfect day). February is also during the dry season where they typically get around 2 – 3 inches of rain during the entire month. Compare this to the late spring and summer, the total rainfall more than doubles, with light showers every day. Humidity is also at a low, averaging between 55% – 65% whereas the summer months average between 75% - 90%. 

Manatee Season
This is my personal favorite reason and why I will forever choose to come to Florida in February. Manatees can be seen year-round in Florida, but they can often be hard to find. During the winter months, manatees that live in the gulf travel up the Crystal River to take advantage of the warm springs and escape the cold. Manatees are gentle creatures who can be very curious about their surroundings. February visitors have a heightened chance to see them firsthand in nature while visiting a spring or on a manatee tour. Keep in mind, it is illegal to feed, disturb, harass, or harm manatees if you encounter one.

Water Clarity
During the winter months, water clarity is at its best due to less algae production. This makes the coast, rivers, and springs more visible and vibrant with their colors. Divers and snorkelers can take advantage of seeing Florida’s diverse underwater world by exploring unique areas such as reefs, caverns and even shipwrecks. Not into swimming? That’s okay! This is also a great time to take advantage of the picturesque quality of the water by brushing up on some nature photography.

Fewer Crowds
Between kids being in school and the cooler temperatures, there’s a few reasons why some people don’t see Florida in February as a desirable time to go. This leads to fewer crowds all over the state. The beaches and springs are close to empty, and the traffic on I-4 is actually somewhat bearable. Even better, the wait times to roller coaster aren’t nearly as long as they normally are, which gives you opportunities to enjoy more time out of your favorite theme park.

Great On A Budget
There’s a reason why I saved the best for last - who doesn’t love a good deal? Since Florida sees less tourists in February, you can find excellent deals all around. Flight prices tend to drop, along with some of your favorite theme parks. There is a major downshift in the average prices of campground and vacation rentals making this a more affordable time to visit compared to summer.

For more information on traveling to Florida, please visit www.visitflorida.com and www.stateoflorida.co

Main Photo: Silver Glen Springs, Ocala National Forest, Florida
Underwater Photo: Ginnie Springs, High Springs, Florida
Last Photo:  Disney's Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida

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