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This place is great in the summertime - especially to camp. Saw a ton of people swimming, paddleboarding and grilling out by the shaded areas. Not too much ‘hiking’ from what I saw, bunch there were a few trails in the beginning of the park

This place is great - the waterfalls are about a 30 second walk from the parking lot and the hike around the waterfall is only about 30 minutes long. There are a lot of steps on the hike, but the waterfall itself is ADA accessible. The hike also has a lot of caves to explore - very cool.

We went Friday evening, and there was hardly anybody at the falls. Very beautiful scenery, and the hike around the waterfall was awesome. There were even caves along the trail to explore!! Loved it!

As the description says you definitely see pretty wildflowers, even in the winter. It's a very flat trail with no elevation, making it a great hike for all levels. Dog friendly, benches along trail, and even a picnic area at the beginning. However, I would not recommend this trail between January - May when the snow is melting. Because it is so flat, the water doesn't really have anywhere to go. Probably the muddiest / slickest trail I've experienced in the area. Even with good hiking shoes on, we found ourselves slipping frequently. Just something to keep in mind.

Not too bad of a hike, great for beginners and dog lovers. There are a lot of other trails in the area that are worth checking out

This is fabulous biking grounds, especially if you’re a history fan and nature lover. The ample amount of areas to explore, and things to see, you can spend hours here. You pass beautiful trees and backwater marshes, as you explore the battlefields. There’s a lot of historical reading points and things to see for those who are interested. Highly recommend for all ages.

This was a very quiet beach, it’s not your typical ocean beach with big waves and close amenities. But if you happen to be in the area and want a cute, quiet place it is cute and nice.

Came here on a early Saturday morning in July, had the whole beach to ourselves. Very Long Beach, was able to walk my dogs pretty far along the coastline.

I would highly recommend anyone near this spot during sunset to stop. It offers incredible views of the mountain range. Great parking and easily accessible for everyone.

So much room to explore. The wild ponies are such a delight to see. Most people come here only to see the ponies, and it might take some time to find them. They do like to travel in groups, so if you see one, you're on the right track.

This isn't my favorite hike in Shenandoah, but it's definitely not the worst! Beautiful views at the top, but a word of caution to people with dogs. Dogs are allowed the whole way, but when you get to the view point there is a rock scramble that is too high for them to get to. Luckily I had someone with me so we could take turns looking at the views from the rocks, but if I was by myself I would have had to turn around.

I absolutely adored this cute little lighthouse, and would recommend to anyone in the area. It's tiny but still a fun, quick stop. Parking is right next to the lighthouse, and has a lot of places to sit along the path. ADA accessible and dog friendly.

This is such a fun little lighthouse. You can walk down the rock pathway all the way to it if you would like, or stay at the shore. You do have to hop the rocks to get there, but they are very sturdy. Don't let the pictures fool you, it does take a little bit to get all the way down. Definitely worth the stop!

This place is CROWDED. Much more so than I anticipated. But, it is a great stop for the whole family. Short walk to the canyon viewpoint which is now ADA accessible. If you're near Page, or passing by it's definitely worth the stop.

There are two different ways you can view this spring, one from right in front of it and another one where you're able to see it from above. Both offer incredible views, but if you're into photography I would recommend to above view to see it as a whole.

I'm not big on fishing, but my family is and we've come here a few times. This is a great place to come with the family, because not only is it a great spot for fish, it's a good spot to swim too. It's out the way, so make sure to pack a lunch :)

I would recommend anyone to go to a rooftop in NYC if you don't live here. This one in particular is gorgeous, you have a complete view of the city. Sunset in particular, is definitely special. It is expensive, the current price is now $40 a ticket. But that's the average price for all the well-known rooftop access points in Manhatten.

This was probably my favorite part of Acadia, the sound and the views are something else. I caught it a few times, and for the best experience you should come around high tide when the waves crash at their highest. I visited in March, and was the only one here. But this is an extremely popular spot from April - September so do prepare for crowds.

This is a great hike to add if you're at Acadia for the day. It's quick and offers beautiful views. I wouldn't recommend to anyone who is scared of hikes. I would also add, proper footware is necessary especially if doing from March - May as the snow begins to melt (very slick).

This was a fun thing to try! We decided to go during February (peak manatee viewing season) Unfortunately we didn't see any here, but they are spotted here pretty often. The water was a beautiful blue in most sections, kinda murky in the others. Would recommend!

These views are absolutely breath taking. Pictures don't do it justice, the views are incredible. Be sure to wear good shoes on this hike. Even in the summer, theres a lot of glacial melt. Keep going past the lake - you will NOT regret it!

There are a ridiculous amount of trails in this surrounding area. Beautiful trees align all of them. For this specific trail, you will not be disappointed with the area. Very unique for Virginia Beach!

Easy access to get here. Be sure to take the trail behind the lighthouse - a beautiful walkway with a ton of wildlife and great photography of the marshes. Snake warning during the summertime**

This is a great lighthouse to add to your list of things to do in obx! The best view in my opinion is from the beach on the dunes. When going into the lot, turn left before the lighthouse and there's a trail to get to the top of the sandunes for some great photography!