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Andrew Jaeger

Always looking for new places to go. NJ;CT;AK;MN;TX Instagram:ajaeger6

Built up trails with observation decks and stairs. You can really get close to the falls for some good pictures. Lots of stairs, icy this time of year.

Nice hike, some wildlife and few people. Trails are slightly muddy and snowy.

Beautiful hike today with yesterday's snowfall. Unfortunately trail seems over hiked and does not drain well. Final bridge across the river is not there.

Great colors and nice falls. Very wet, some trails were impassable.

Fall colors are just starting to pop. A little muddy currently but great short hike with some amazing overlooks!

Great trip, and peaceful spot. There was some trash along the trail and by the waterfall, and watch out for broken glass.

Great network of trails, beautiful spots to view the falls!

Not too many people this time of year, but can imagine it gets packed during the summer! Waterfalls look great when starting to melt out.

Checked out the falls for the first time yesterday, I'll definitely be going again. Unfortunately with the warm temps it wasn't as frozen as I was expecting. Can make a fun trip of it if you park in Ft. Snelling and walk the three miles each way.

Beautiful hike today, still snowy, but quite silent and serene. There were about 1-2 inches of snow on hard pack, in some sections there were frozen knee deep post holes from another hiker in softer snow. Awesome hike, can't wait to do it in the summer and fall.