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Ann marie Adams

Last week did a portion of this hike take the shuttle to last stop number nine bathrooms and water station are here first 2.2 miles along red dirt path of paved concrete. They say a wheelchair can go along this path. Beautiful hike alongside the virgin river. Shear cliffs running river, swamp land yes i said swamp! and plants and flowers hanging along the last 1/4 where the road ends and then stairs invite you down into the river. The forty degree water is cold! the rocks in the river are manageable bring another pair of shoes and dry socks i loved that people left wooden hiking sticks where the water begins .. The pictures up into the narrows are beautiful we went later in the day nect time i would begin much earlier for better light in our pictures.... Do it!

This was an amazing hike with spectacular reward!! We spent a week hiking Zion and Bryce canyon but this was spectacular!! We stayed at The Ponderosa Ranch Resort and drove about 8 min to hike down 3.3 miles both ways to observation point. Bring Water! very remote passed a few people but many are hiking from the bottom up where we hiked down theres a lot of different types of rocks on the trail bring hiking sticks ... And your camera to look down through entire Zion canyon and you can see people On Angels landing....

I just hiked this last week i loved the study terrain the higher you hike the more pools you find. Some are deeper then others most filled with green moss and tadpoles!