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Brandt Demars

I heard the campground was burned out this summer. Can someone verify?

Fun place. Enjoyed the chimney climb to the right of the falls, although it was a bit too tricky for the younger kids. I would have liked to hike further up the canyon past the falls, but wasn't sure it was possible.

We did a small service project here where we picked up a fair amount of trash, put it in garbage bags, and hauled it out via rope. The cave goes back for several hundred yards, but with people walking in it upwind of you (the cave's natural ventilation at 7:30 pm was significant, with air traveling towards the shaft entrance) it gets quite dusty. If I return I will bring a dust mask. The cave was covered with paint and graffiti as far as the eye can see. It is difficult to imagine what the natural cave walls used to look like. If we return, we'll probably spend more time climbing and exploring, and try not to stir up so much dust.