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Shayne River

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I loved this place! There were some awesome cliff jumping spots on the right side of the peninsula, and we spent all day hanging out in the sun. Only negative comment would be the number of people at the beach, but of course that's out of anyone's control - beautiful little getaway that is totally accessible from the city by transit :)

I had the absolute best time on this trip. We watched the sunset and sunrise from our campsite, and had an amazing view of the Metro Vancouver area at night. As much as it wasn't the sort of backcountry experience that I usually go for, this was a special adventure in the sense that you felt so close, yet so far, from civilization.

Absolutely incredible views. I did this hike in the summer, but I've heard it's a beautiful one to complete year round. Fairly long, but totally do-able. Be sure to pack lots of food and water!