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Killbear Park, Ontario

Looking for the best camping in Killbear Park? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Killbear Park. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Camping Spots in and near Killbear Park

  • Killbear Park, Ontario

    Photograph the Sunset at Killbear Provincial Park

    Perfect for a weekend getaway, Killbear Provincial Park is a stunning place to kick back and relax in the outdoors. The Beaver Dam Campground features a rocky point with Group Of Seven-esque trees that is perfect for watching the late summer sunset. Family friendly with parking right in front, th...
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  • Parry Sound, Ontario

    Canoe to Georgian Bay in The Massasauga

    The Massasauga Provincial Park covers the islands and coastline south of Parry Sound, forming part of the globally significant Georgian Bay UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It preserves the unique landscape of eastern Georgian Bay; clear blue water, towering pine trees and ever-present Canadian Shield b...
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  • Parry Sound, Unorganized, Centre Part, Ontario

    Hike Gut Lake

    1.9 mi
    This is a 2.5km loop hike that begins at the beach at the Northern side of Gut Lake. Gut Lake is located within Grundy Lake Provincial Park so you will need to purchase a park permit in order to access this lake (link below).The trailhead for Gut Lake is located just south of a Visitor Center an...
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  • Torrance, Ontario

    Hike the Torrance Barrens Main Trail

    1.9 mi
    The Torrance Barrens is a great half day hike and a very unique spot in the Muskokas. Different landscape than the typical 'Muskoka woods and lakes', the barrens are mostly scraped back to the bedrock with less trees and more fen mats and low vegetation.The trail head has a great parking pad off ...
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