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Crystal Sibson

This was such a fun place to visit. The food was great and the pina colas were fantastic made from fresh coconut. It was really cool seeing so many starfish in the clear water.

This was a nice beach but not a place to stay for long. After spending about an hour here I headed over to Starfish Beach.

The float down the river was absolutely beautiful. I kept getting stuck on rocks in areas of low water. It took a lot of maneuvering to make it through the river. The jungle next to the river was very dense and lush.

The dolphins were really cool to see. There were many different boats coming and going. It seemed as though it is a heavily trafficked area with tourist hoping to catch a glimpse of the dolphins

This was a fun place to visit. The area was surrounded by jungle making it feel secluded even though it was by town. The rope swing is a must do.

The boat ride to bird Island was quite rough. The open ocean is just past this small island making the waters much rougher than the bay by Bocas Town. Even though the water was rough, it was a beautiful small island and worth the visit

This was such a fun route for an afternoon adventure. The canyoneering route went by quite fast so we went over to the climbing area to get in another rappel before leaving.

The waterfall inside the cave was massive. It was so tall that you couldn't see the top. I had a hard time taking photos from the viewing platforms due to the mist from the falls. The park surrounding the waterfall was nice.

The hot spring river was beautiful and refreshing. The water was very warm but not too hot to be uncomfortable. There were a lot of families next to the bridge so I walked upstream a bit to have more solitude. The jungle was incredible dense next to the river.

This was an interesting stop on the drive from Lake Garda to Florence. The Ossuary was free to visit. The display of human bones inside was quite impressive. If you have time climb the nearby tower for a great view of the surrounding area.

This beach was absolutely beautiful. It's a bit farther from Puerto Viejo so it wasn't nearly as crowded as other beaches. The sunset here was amazing. Just watch for falling coconuts. As I was driving away a coconut fell on top of the vehicle and rolled off the back.

The slot canyon and surrounding landscape is beautiful but the hike in was hot! There was very little shade along the trail which is also really sandy. The hike is only six miles but the sand really takes it out of you.

This beach is in the heart of the city. There are many shops and restaurants on and around the beach. The sunsets were amazing!! The shipwreck was really cool to see just off the beach.

This was one of my favorite places to visit while in Panama. I've never been able to walk the entire perimeter of an island before. The beaches were absolutely beautiful.

Great spot to catch the sunset but gets crowded. Great view of the Watchmen and the Virgin River. When I was there a deer came up within a few feet and didn't seem scared at all.

The entire area surrounding Lake Powell is beautiful. Antelope Point has a Marina and boat launch. I launched my kayak from here to paddle up Antelope Canyon.

Though this is not considered one of the main attractions in Rome, its a cool spot to see while walking through the city. It is close to many other major sites so it's easy to incorporate it in your itinerary as you walk around the city. There were some really beautiful cats living here.

The horses are beautiful and fun to watch along the river. They are often in the river eating. On my most recent visit I watch as a kayaker headed directly at the horses to try to scare them off. It was really disheartening to watch. They were just trying to eat and not bothering anyone.

The details within the Pantheon were beautiful. For being a small building there was a lot to see. So much artwork and history here. During my visit to Rome a rare snow storm occurred which closed the Pantheon until they could clear the snow out of the building due to the circular hole in the ceiling.

This was one of my favorite beaches in Costa Rica. The sand was incredibly fine and soft to walk through. It was a bit warm though since the sand was so black absorbing the heat from the sunlight. The old barge was really cool to see with the tree growing out of it.

This is a quick stop within the park. It's perfect if you're short on time but want to see large petrified logs.

The archaeology site of Herculaneum is very well preserved and not nearly as crowded as nearby Pompeii. If you're in the area, it's definitely worth a visit.

The movie set is cool to see, but I wish you could get closer to the old buildings. It's fenced off on private property. I imagine this is due to the weathered state of the buildings which are falling apart and collapsing.

This is a must do when visiting Rome. It's in the heart of the city right next to the Colosseum. There is so much history in this small area. It was really cool to be able to explore these ruins and imagine what it was like back in the day.