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Elena P

This is such a popular spot for photographs, but you should also try swimming in the pool! The water is pretty cold, so be careful, but it's also pretty refreshing.

This is a great place to visit when going to Big Sur or Carmel. Hwy 1 is beautiful and this is just one of many stops you gotta see. The water color is amazing!

Did this back in February and the water was so beautiful! The trail gets extremely crowded get here as early as possible.

Come here after visiting the university or the museum. It's a point, so you get such great ocean views.

This is a short and steep hike in Salt Lake City. It offfers a great view of the city and is a great place to watch the sunset! It's located right next to the University of Utah

Check out the world famous Intense mountain bike ride that takes almost the entire day. It's a must ride in Moab,Utah. I have never ridden more downhill in a mountain biking session than the porcupine rim!

One of the most famous mountain biking spots in the world!! The rocks are surprisingly grippy even though it's called slick rocker. However, when wet it does earn its name, so be careful!

Hike along the river in Zion National Park. This trail starts off relatively flat but gets steeper near the end. I love trails by a river.

This is an awesome hike in Zion! It's much less crowded than Angels landing and has spectacular views as well. Definitely recommend this one!!

Quick stop to see some colorful rocks stacked on top of each other. This is on the route to Las Vegas from Los Angeles.

Short hike to the top of a volcano. Great way to enjoy the views of different mountains in the background!

This is a relatively short hike that overlooks the entirety of the Lava Beds National Monument. It can be a quick pit stop on your way in and out of the park!

Golden Dome is a great place to check out when you are at Lava Beds. Take the stairs down and explore this cave.

The Catacombs is an excellent place to visit when you are in Lava Beds National Monument. The beginning of the cave is open but gets tighter as you descend. Bring some knee pads to help crawl through the tight spaces. This is a really run experience. Really different from the places I normally go.

Skull Cave is a must see at Lava Beds National Monument. Wear a jacket because it does get chilly under. It's all in all pretty cool! Would not miss this

Beautiful hike along the Deshchutes river. It's a must if you are in Bend. Try to grab a beer in town at the many different breweries!

Floating the river in Oregon is a must during the summer! So, why not do it one of the coolest towns in Oregon. You can also surf here which is pretty cool!

Mt. Bachelor is the best ski resort in Oregon!! The size of the park is enormous and the top of the mountain has no trees. So, when the conditions are right, it could lead to some awesome powder runs.

We took a stroll along the waterfront in Port Angeles. It's an absolutely stunning place to be during the summer!

Hiking Franklin Falls in the snow is quiet the experience. At the end of the hike there was a steep section that ended up like a slide for most people. The water fall is almost completely frozen with sharp icicles dangling off the rocks. Looks super neat!

It's a relatively easy hike to Franklin falls, with not much elevation change and a short distance to hike. Beautiful waterfall at the end!

What a beautiful drive just outside of Seattle, with plenty of different vistas to see. There is a cool bridge that you can check out!

This is a beautiful lake outside of Seattle to explore. This spot is what you think of when you think about the PNW!!

Hiking in the snow is something else! I love it and hate it everytime. It makes everything slightly more difficult but thins out the crowds. Views of snow covered mountain tops will be the reward during the winter at Rattlesnake Ledge!