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Gabi Robledo

Full-time traveler, surfer, climber, and adventurer! Co-creator of NomadsWithAPurpose.com, inspiring you to #BraveForAdventure

Really rad, short hike near Kailua. The cliff jumping is super fun here! The mud is unreal, especially after rain! Honestly it's better if you hike this in sandals or barefoot

There isn't much better than watching surfers attempt to ride one of the gnarliest waves in the world! If the swell is up, Pipeline is natures greatest show!

This was a really nice way to see the west side of the island. The views from the trail don't really change so it's a bit monotonous but nevertheless a beautiful hike. You can actually see the birds' eggs hatch in the first two weeks of February so that was cool. Like I said, very cool hike if you're on the west side but I would recommend hiking on the east side much more!

This is a really nice hike that is a perfect little leg stretcher on a long drive into Jackson. The trail has pretty views of the mountains surrounding Jackson. Definitely worth doing if you're in the area. I'd recommend mountain biking the surrounding trails afterward if you want to make a full day of adventure!

Super fun ride that's challenging but not impossible for beginner riders! Puke hill sucks by the way. There are a lot of other really fun, short trails before the Wasatch Crest Trail that I'd recommend like Scotts Pass and Blazing Saddle

These waterfalls are nothing like I've seen before! Make a long day of hiking and see it all by foot, it's worth it! Crowds can be very annoying in summer so go early and see the more popular falls first

Super beautiful waterfall but the viewpoint on the ridge don't give you a good photo opportunity. I guess if you're okay with very deliberately breaking the rules and scrambling down it's probably really cool from below

Go here. Best rope swing ever of all time!!!!

This trail is an amazing intermediate trail! Other than the beginning there's not too much elevation gain which lets you really enjoy the ride. Great downhill on the way back and super flowy! Goes in and out of forest and meadows plus great mountain views

If I had to look at one alpine lake for the rest of my life i'd pick here! Such a great way to escape the crowds, only saw one other group at the lake! Fun scrambling to get there and as long as you follow the cairns and water flow it's hard to get lost. Epic mountain views and the water is unreal up there!

Best hike in the Sawtooths! I never would've thought my favorite alpine lake hike would be found in Idaho! The crowd factor makes this almost better than Grand Teton or Banff because the views are all to yourself. I will note that this is definitely at LEAST 1000 feet elevation gain. Camping at Goat Lake looked epic by the way if you have time!

I had no idea this place would be be as amazing as it was! Easy to find routes with easy approaches. Fun climbs with some overhang at Post Wall. Outback Wall is super fun too!

Perfect way to break up a long drive. A bit crowded but very cool to go from hot water to cold river. Also some fun cliff jumping front the rocks if you swim to other side of river

Great views of McGown Peak! Start at sunrise for great shots of the mountains and a golden glow in the forest. The creek crossings are very cold. We tried to build a bridge but it don't work out so well haha. Cool waterfall, amazing hike!

This hike is practically a hidden gem compared to the popularity of most the hikes in Yoho and Banff. One of the most amazing waterfall landscapes I've ever seen complete with mountains, rainbows, and pools! So rewarding especially considering how easy the hike is! Make sure you jump in the river for a polar plunge

Did this as an extension of Lake Agnes to Plain of Six Glaciers Loop but sooooo glad I did. Tough scree scramble but the views are some of the best I've EVER seen! Make the detour!

I was pleasantly surprised by this hike and after they hiking the Enchantments two days before, I didn't think anything could top those mountains. Sadly, due to the large amount of snowpacks my group was unable to hike past Maple Pass on the counter-clockwise route because it was late in the evening and we didn't want to get lost trying to find footprints in the snow. The views are incredible by Heather Pass!!!Don't miss this hike!

I had seen epic pictures photographers had taken at this beach and I thought for sure it would be just a mediocre beach that really good photographers had taken pictures of. I was wrong, everything from the steps you take to get down to the beach, to the dramatic cliffs, to the interesting rocks the lined the shore was surreal and beautiful! Really cool place to check out!