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Fürst Design Down Beanie

Yes, a down beanie! It's like a high-end jacket for your head! And every pledge made will help an at-risk urban kid go on their first mountain backpacking or ski trip.

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When I first got this beanie, I was a bit skeptical...down feathers for my head, really? But as soon as I took it out, I knew they were on to something. It is so light and airy, I don't know how else to describe it; it's like a cloud. The construction is world class with diamond stitching throughout to keep each pocket of down feathers in its place. The inner has a stretchy headband to keep it in place and lock in all that warm goodness. It's also got a design-first look, with sleek lines, great colors, and can ball up and fit in your pocket. 

Fürst Design is a new company with a great goal in mind (besides being just for-profit) and their Kickstarter campaign is launching on Jan. 15th and you can find it here. And for every pledge made an at-risk urban youth will be able to go on their first backpacking or ski trip...which if you remember yours, is life changing. 

You may think having a down beanie is a little extravagant, and maybe it is, but you deserve to be warm, to look good, and to help others and with Fürst you're doing all of those. Go check them out here, you won't regret it. 

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