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Outbound Reviewed: Dakine JJF Daylight Surf Board Bag and Comp Leash

Like PB& J, two great products that go great together. Modern, sleek and most of all functional.

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After about 3 months of traveling, I can honestly say...I'm exhausted :) But more than that, I've been fortunate enough to test out multiple products on my trip(s). Here I'll be giving my assessment of Dakine's John John Florence line: The JJF 5' Comp Leash and JJF 6'0" Daylight Board Bag, both of which are pretty awesome in their own ways. 

First things first, both were tested in multiple waves and in multiple ways...the board bag being the more versatile of the bunch (sunshade, sleeping bag, airport bed, etc.). Also, both will make your surfing waaaay better. Just kidding, they won't. But they'll make the journey and the sessions more enjoyable.

JJF 6'0" Daylight Surfboard Bag

This bag has everything you want and not much else. It holds up to a 5'11" board with fins on (6'0" without fins), a few YKK Zippers so you'll never have it seize up on you, and a heat reflective "silver side" so you can leave it on the roof/ truck bed/ trunk and you'll be golden for a few hours. This isn't a travel bag per se, so I wouldn't recommend checking in your sled with just this at the airport, but for around town or once you get to your destination, you're money. Also, it's pretty slim (around 23" at its widest) so this most likely won't fit your wide fishy types of boards, just FYI.

Tough zippers, tough ripstop, tough padding...this thing just does exactly what it is supposed to do. Keep the cargo as precious as can be. It also makes for a semi-comfy sleeping bag if your ride ditches you at a Padang hostel or for a poor-man's La-Z-Boy when your connecting flight is delayed 3hrs. Just curl up inside or lay across the top. Either way you're a hobo with some style. 

JJF Comp 5' Surf Leash

This leash is so light and comfy, you'll almost forget you're wearing one. Marine-grade steel, rail saver, neoprene ankle cuff...come on now.

It is definitely meant for waves with not much consequence, i.e. shoulder high burger-y beach breaks. If you try and take this thing to a reef pass or something with a little more juice, it's not what it is meant for. But if you're needing a little security for those 2-4ft days, this is what you need, hands down. I'm not sure if John John actually wears this, but you can tell there was some authority behind the making of it. The ankle cuff is soft, secure and the velcro holds but also has this flap that you can easily rip off if need be (again, most likely not in the waves it's made for). All in all, I was stoked that I had this when I did.

In conclusion, I definitely didn't surf better with a new leash and board bag, but I was more confident, rested and stoked...which should count for something. Even Dakota-the-rescue-dog agrees that the bag and leash are cool. So get out there, respect the locals and smile in the line-up. 

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