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Why Timberland™ created the best hiking boot I've ever had.

Take it from a professional outdoorsman, Timberland™ has created the best hiking boot. Read more...

By: Greg Harlow + Save to a List

Over the years,  I have tried just about every brand of hiking boot in search of the best.  I am a traveling photographer and videographer,  so it is my job to be in the elements.

I've spent time on the trails with heavy hitters such as  Merrell™, Sorel™,  Danner Boots™,  and more.  After putting hundreds of miles in all weather conditions,  Timberland has made the best all around boot, for all conditions.   I don't doubt most of Timberland's functional footwear, but the model I am forever loyal to is the Timberland Shazzberg.

Not only is it a fashionable and clean shape,  the functionality of this boot conquers its competitors.   Comfort beyond words,  lightweight,  completely waterproof,  breathable, and as tough as they come.  200g Prima loft insulation to keep warm,  but never too warm, and a Gore-Tex sole for gripping traction on any surface.  Incredible durability and construction,  zero defects after 2 years and no joke...hundreds of miles on foot. I hiked to the top of Mount Borah, Idaho in the summer with these babies to view the totality eclipse, a grueling 10 hour venture,  14.2 miles,  and over a mile of elevation gain.  Not a single complaint of sore feet.

These boots have seen summer hikes in 100 degree Moab heat,  and knee deep snow below freezing  in Banff, Canada.  I'm not sure how they do it,  but only one pair of socks is needed at all times with these temperature moderating boots.  Feet never get too hot, never get too cold.  Never had an issue,  which is huge coming from one who is always dissatisfied with functional footwear.

Full grain "real" leather so they look better and better as time goes on ...doing as leather does.   And yes,  I know you are wondering, they look incredible with your jeans.  Expect some compliments. Take it one step further with a style touch, add some red kevlar boot laces for that classic timeless look.

BOOT LACES:  https://www.amazon.com/GREATLA...

I hate to be a hater...but I must list a few cons as to why I dislike a few of the major competitors.

Merrell Footwear- I've given many Merrell products a real shot, but I just can't support this crowd favorite brand.  The Moab is their best selling silhouette. The materials of the boot are just not durable,  and magnets for brush and "hitchhikers."  You know,  the infuriating ankle biting brush that you just can't for the life of you get out of your socks.  You will spend a lot of frustrating time picking the plants from your Merrell boots.  Also, design flaws need pointing out.   If you want to lace them up all the way,  (on the mid) the metal lace hook will dig into the tongue and after about 10 hikes, it will look like a dog chewed on the top of your boots.   Customer service will do nothing for you about this either,  which is...interesting. 

Danner Boots-  By far the freshest boot label on the scene.  Gorgeous and minimalistic,  but your hikes will be minimalistic as well.  These boots are made for the city.  I have a couple pairs of Danner's,  and I wear them for nightlife, and to dress professionally.  They just look so damn good.  I've attempted to put new athletic soles in them,  but the construction of the upper is just not made for this.  Danner has a new model (Mountain 600) aimed at functionality since they clearly were getting poor reviews from actual outdoorsmen, yet I'm still not convinced.  Danner boots will give you style points all day,  so if you are #grounded taking a selfie a few hundred yards from the parking lot, these will get you tons of likes.

Sorel Boots- Awesome waterproof boots,  but made for keeping the ankles dry more than being a functional product.  Shoveling snow, post skiing trips to the lodge, everyday trudging in the snow.  Don't expect to spend a lot of hours on your feet wearing Sorel because your feet will be...Sore...L.   Yea I really wrote that. 

I have to note that Nike has been stepping up their game in the "sneaker boot" category,  which is great for dry days.  They feel like basketball shoes with low profile center of gravity,  the ankles feel supported,  which is the most important things on loose and rocky trails.  Very comfortable but durability is a minimum don't expect much more than one season out of them.  Good footwear for around the campsite.

Timberland's functional boots just really hit 10/10 in every category.  Nearly two years and these are still the go-to, even day to day around the city.  I'm sure most of their other functional boots are in the same company.  I recommend giving these a shot.  Visit timberland.com

Visit gregharlowmedia.com for more travel blogging, photos, videos, etc.

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