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Hannah Swift

Great stop on the way to GTNP. Winter is the best time to visit! Be sure to try some bison chili at Cowboy Coffee in Jackson on your way here.

Totally came upon this spot by accident, but we loved it. If you go down the road a bit, after the cattle guard, there is a little trail that leads off to the right. You can hike to the top of the ridge and get an amazing view of the valley and Snake river!

Be sure to bring your camera. This place is ALIVE with butterflies and gorgeous flowers during the spring! 2nd best botanical garden I’ve been to in Texas. (Austin is #1).

Nice for a quick day hike to escape SA noise for a bit!

This place is stunning. Words could not do it justice. I only wish we would have brought the kayaks!

By far the most gorgeous and insane waterfall I’ve ever seen. Be sure to take the little nature trail hike and go down to check out lower Mesa falls too!