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Isaac Orloff

Professional artist by day, adventurer by night, but sometimes both at once. Originally from the east coast, but in the Bay to Stay. Avid mountain biker, outdoor enthusiast and lover of all things on wheels. Find me @isaacorloff to follow my illustrated adventures

I've stopped at castle crag state park twice now en route to more northern locations. It's great to note there are easily accessible campgrounds although close to the highway so there is a bit of noise from cars. This didn't detract from us having a great time. Rolled in late at night and hiked to the crags for sunrise before getting on the road to Oregon. Remember to bring bug spray , there's a bunch here! This spot will continue to be a road trip mile stone or even a weekend warrior adventure itself.

Just finished my first trip to whistler bike park! Whistler is a must for any serious mountain biker. The bike park features a variety of trails ranging from beginner to expert in every discipline. High speed jump lines, wooden ladders and features, or chunky rock gnar..whistler has whatever you want to ride. Best of all is the fact that Whistler is surrounded by astonishing amount of back country single track of all kinds. Ranging from beginner to expert, riders of all skill l els can find clearly marked trail systems to help take their Mtb experience to the next level. Be sure to ride some local trails in addition to the bike park! This adventure could use some more specific information and photos.

A steep but short climb, the pillboxes trail delivers amazing panoramic views at a very low cost. Always a favorite whenever I'm in Hawaii, it doesn't get old. For the beginner it may seem steep and Rocky but any experienced hiker will be up and back in no time. Pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic on top of the cement structures while taking in the view. Watch for broken glass if you remove your shoes.

I visited Watson falls in early spring and the falls were in prime conditions! They are easy to find and located close to the road. After a short hike you are treated with a surprisingly awe inspiring waterfall that will not disappoint in its unique setting. Watson falls makes a great quick stop to stretch your legs and grab some stunning photos as you travel north or south on a road trip.

Crater lake may,for all intents and purposes, be closed during the winter months but it's still a great stop on a road trip if you are in the area. I stopped by in early spring on my way to Portland and despite there being 10+ ft of snow on the ground, I was still able to enjoy a fantastic view of the lake. Can't wait to visit in summer!