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Photograph Trevi Fountain

Roma, Italy

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Added by Amelia Walker

Capture this world famous fountain in the historically rich city of Rome.

Located in the Trevi District of Rome, the Trevi Fountain, built by Nicola Salvi, stands 86 feet high and over 160 feet wide.  It depicts Oceanus, the god of the "Earth-encircling" River Oceanus.  He is riding a shell chariot pulled by seahorses, and is also accompanied by the goddess of Abundance, Roman army general Agrippa, and the goddess of Health.  Many visitors throw coins into the fountain.  As legend has it, throwing one coin ensures a rapid return to Rome, two that you will find true love, and three that you will get married.  Whether you believe this or not, you can rest easy knowing the coins are collected daily from the fountain and given to the needy in Rome!

There are several ways to get to the fountain, but one that is easiest for travelers is to take the train system to the Roma Termini and walk about 1.3 miles to the fountain.  The Fountain area has stairs all around leading down close to the water that can be quite packed with crowds. If you are patient you can eventually wiggle your way to the front for a good picture, but it may be better to come earlier in the morning when the crowds are less.  This is an amazing piece or architecture that is a must if you come to Rome!

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Iconic place to take a photograph. It's pretty touristy but then again everyone does it. Gets very crowded.

I think it is one of those situations that something is so well known and famous that you can't visit Rome without coming here. On the other hand, the reality, at least when I visited the place (i.e. before the coronovirus era), is that it so packed of people that it will be amazing if you can even approach and see the monument, not photograph it. Huge groups of people that are competing to get in front in order to grad that "precious" selfie ruins totally the experience. The monument is amazing but the experience to be there not.

This is a beautiful fountain and popular destination for many visiting Rome. Very crowded - get your pictures and then hustle into one of the many gelato places in the area!

Beautiful, but soooo crowded! That being said, it's 100% worth wading through the crowds to throw a coin in the fountain. Surrounded by so many delicious places to eat, it was a highlight of our trip!

The fountain is absolutely beautiful but gets extremely crowded. Get there early to beat the crowds for a more enjoyable experience, and don't forget to toss a coin over your shoulder!!

Of course incredibly crowded (less crowded at night), but very much worth the stop. Grab gelato or a sandwich from a nearby restaurant and sit and hang out near the fountain.

This is one of the most popular stops when in Rome. It's really cool to see, but we didn't spend much more time here than to take some pictures

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