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Jared BeelerExplorer

Avid Hiker and Photographer from East Tennessee. I enjoy hiking and camping in the smoky mountains and blue ridge mountains. If you have any questions dm me.

This small trail has rock outcroppings all over the place. Notably the best parts of it are Hazard cave and natural bridge. Both are within a half mile of each other and are worth visiting.

Great hike through spruce forests. The trail is great for mountain biking too.

This trail offers great fishing along Tea Creek. It leads to a shelter at the end and has a few other campsites. Even at busy times in the summer it’s not crowded here .

This is a great hike if you want to get away from some of the crowds. Very nice gravel trail to the natural bridge.

This is an amazing place to stop and photograph!!

This is a great place to swim! The sliding rock is a ton of fun to go down!

This is an amazing urban park that is beautiful in the spring. Be sure to make reservations to go up the arch.

This area is amazing and shows what truly the Outer Banks has to offer. The beach here is great for off roading too.

The boardwalk here is great and has a ton of wildlife.

This is a great place to visit for the historic factor. The place that started the Civil War.

This is a great place for diving or snorkeling. There is a ton of marine life here!

This is a great place for snokeling as well as cliff jumping! The area is perfect since it is not crowded.

This is an amazing place to kayak but please follow the rules and stay away from the Manatees.

This is a great place for the Milky Way! The photography here is amazing and is great in the spring time.

This is a great place for a guided cave tour. It feels great in the summer because the temp stays in the 60s year round.

This is a great place for rafting. There are several rafting companies open here in the summer so it's not too expensive for the trip.

This is a great weekend trip depending on how fast you can hike. The hike is tough but is do able by anyone experienced in backpacking.

This is a great place to check out and it is just outside of Bryson City so that makes it even better. The area is very picturesque.

This is a great place to visit in the eaarly summer when wildlife activity is high and visitors are low.

This is a great hike in an amzing area however this is heavy bear country so make sure to bring lots of bear spray.

This is a great drive one of the best in the US. Traffic here can get pretty heavy and when a bison jam happens it can take hours for them to move.

This campground is one of the best in the area. There is some cell service here so that is a bonus too.

This is one of the best easily accessible passes along the Continental Divide. Driving it in the summer offers great views and amazing photography.

This hike is great for photography. This hike is the best hike in the Black Canyon National Park!