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Jean-Claude Linossi

I am retired and I have always liked the great outdoors. I have been hiking most of my adult life. I like to take pictures of beautiful landscapes and plants.

Have been to White Sands several times and have hiked several of the trails. Very beautiful place.

Very nice hike through some very stunning rock formations.

Very nice hikes through some beautiful rock formations and scenery.

Have hiked this trail a couple of times , in the winter and in the summer. Nice scenery everytime.

Have been to Hueco Tanks several times. It always changes depending on the seasons. Nice hikes.

Very pleasant hike. Not too difficult and the ruins are a pleasure to visit.

Very nice walk to some very historic sites. Likes to visit the cemetery and the walk to the fort is very pleasant.

Hiked this trail last fall with my 2 dogs. Not too hard of a trail.

I hiked this trail last October. It is not an easy trail to hike but well worth the effort. Beautiful views from the top.

I really enjoyed hiking these dunes today. The walk to them is not very difficult and the walk through the dunes id very pretty.