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As mentioned below, it is on private property so it can only be accessed when camps are not in session (you can check their website for the schedule). Short hike to the waterfall with multiple creek crossings so bring water shoes in the summer! Great after some good rainfall.

This is such a fun hike and beautiful during the fall but oh my gosh there are SO many people. Also, be really careful not to go out on the rocks because multiple people (over 30) have died from slipping and falling to their deaths. Otherwise, beautiful waterfalls for miles and I recommend this hike! Try to go during the week if at all possible :)

I did this hike after being disappointed hiking up to the summit of Stony Man. We had some extra time so we decided to loop down around the Little Stony Man trail and I'm so glad we did. The views are great, it's less crowded, it's easy and there are a lot of other cool features along the trail like the giant rock face you get to hike under. I definitely recommend this hike!

We arrived to the trail and hiked straight up to the summit with no problems - it was really easy. Because we had some extra time we went back down and decided to hike the loop around the base of the main summit and I enjoyed that hike MUCH more. There are more outlooks, cool rock walls and more. Also the lower trail was much less crowded! Stony Man in my opinion was just OK, and I rarely rate hikes as "just okay."

This is another Shenandoah National Park favorite and you can find hundreds of visitors here during the warmer months. However, the waterfalls along the hike are numerous and gorgeous (there's a reason it's such a popular hike). I would recommend getting out during the week to do this hike and I would also recommend combining it with the Cedar Run Trial to make a fun loop with even more waterfalls. During the summer you can bring a bathing suit to cool off in the water but be mindful of fly fishers!

It really is a straight shot uphill but so worth the hike. There are benches along the side of the trail for you to pause and catch your breath if you need. At the summit you'll be welcomed by expansive views of the Shenandoah Valley and the mountains to the north. It's a great sunset and sunrise spot as well. Be mindful that this hike is easily accessible so it is very crowded on weekends and when the weather gets nicer!

Like everyone else has already stated, this is an extremely popular hike. Make sure you get to the trailhead really, really early to avoid the crowds, espeically in the spring, summer and fall. During the more popular months it's not uncommon to have to wait in lines to get through the rock scramble section which makes the hike much less enjoyable since you're snaking through at the people's pace in front of you. However this hike is SO MUCH FUN and if you really want to do it I recommend taking a day off during the week to tackle it. Not having the crowds will make the whole experience much more enjoyable.

A lesser known spot in Shenandoah, Frazier Discovery Trail is an easy hike providing great views from multiple vistas. On a week day you won't encounter anyone else! This hike would be great for kids as well or for a trail run.

I did this hike during the early spring when there still wasn't leaves on the trees and I've been itching to get back. The overlook is gorgeous and the whole time we were hiking we only saw one other couple (very rare for SNP). Great hike all around!

I've been hiking in Shenandoah for years and this has to be one of my favorite places within the whole park! The lake at the beginning is gorgeous and picturesque and the hike is a ton of fun and not to hard. During the summer this river is amazing for swimming with lots of swimming holes, but be warned, at the beginning of June and towards the end of August this place becomes a favorite for UVA students and there are always TONS of people on the weekends. This is also an awesome place to go fly fishing!

This park is greatly overlooked but it's a quiet, beautiful spot to take a run or go for a short hike. The trail leads all the way around the lake and the terrain is great for anyone who wants to get a feel for trail running without the steep uphills. I also recommend this park for a picnic!

We stopped off at this waterfall before jumping on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's a super easy walk down to the base and you'll inevitably end up staying for at least an hour so be prepared for that. In the summer I've heard it's swarming with people but we went during the fall and and had no problems with too many people being there. Loved this waterfall!

We were driving the BRP north already so we decided to stop here to do the short hike and stretch our legs. The hike up to the top is a straight shot uphill, but it took us 7 minutes to scale that hill. Once at the top there are sweeping views of the surrounding mountains with cool little posts that point to each mountain and tells you how far and what the name is. Unfortunately while we were there, there were a lot of forest fires raging around us so the smoke obstructed most of the views. BUT we did get to see a peregrine falcon!!! Definitely worth stopping here if you're in the area.



This waterfall was really beautiful despite the fact that the area was in an extreme drought. There were was enough water trickling down to get some good pictures and the hike up to the top is just basically walking up a really long staircase. The only downside is if you try to take pictures on the bridge and people come up onto the bridge, it will bounce ever so slightly and make your long exposures blurry. I had to climb down to the base of the waterfall to get a good shot but then I felt bad because all the people who came to see the waterfall saw me smack dab in the middle of their view.

Okay so I loved this hike, the first mile is really gradual and easy hike. You hike along a beautiful river and cross a number of bridges which all provide great photo opps (if they're not swarming with people). After the first mile you take off uphill, like, realllyyyy take off uphill. I'm definitely the kind of hiker that loves a good uphill climb but this had my calves burning and I stopped about 10 times (no lie) to catch my breath and let my heart rate slow down. But the views from the top are worth every step. Be advised that you do have to scramble up a steep rock face to get to the final summit and while I was there, there were at least 9 people at the base of the rock who couldn't get up it. All and all this hike was awesome and I'd love to do it again for a sunset!

I added The Jump Off to my hike going up to Charlies Bunion. We hiked to The Jump Off first and it offered some pretty amazing views of the surrounding mountains and you could see all the little people on Charlies Bunion below! The outlook was much less crowded than Charlies Bunion so we stopped here to eat a snack and just soak in the views. Be really careful around the edges of the overlook, one foul step and you will literally fall to your death (it's a long drop to the bottom!) I wouldn't recommend having small children up there unless they're glued to you. I really recommend this hike, espeically if you're already going to Charlies Bunion!

I hiked Charlies Bunion for the first time this past weekend and I was totally in love. The climb for the first few miles is delicious (like, great steady incline that gets your heart pumping but doesn't kill you) and the views are phenomenal. I highly suggest combining this with the hike to The Jump Off. It will add an additional mile and some more elevation gain but you'll be able to see Charlies Bunion from above and it provides even more views of the surrounding range. I couldn't recommend this hike more! Be sure to lay up because you'll be warm while hiking but the summits are cold and windy. Also, it's been said already but this hike is really crowded so if you want to avoid the crowds start early or bring a headlamp and come back down in the dark.

This overlook is amazing for sunset photography. I visited Ravens Roost Overlook after hiking to Shamokin Falls which is located about .15 miles down the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was the perfect spot to wrap up a fun day of hiking and the sunset was beautiful!

I hiked this an early morning during the heart of the summer for some sunrise photography. The views were endless and the mist in the valley below was lovely. The rock climb was a lot of fun as well but be careful in the dark! Take your time and be sure to bring a headlamp.

This hike was only about .5 miles round trip from the parking lot. The climb up the hill is a bit steep but relatively easy. The views are phenomenal and this would be a great spot to catch a sunrise over the valley. Be sure to keep hiking up the wooden platform to get to that famed rock you can sit on the edge of. Highly recommend this hike!

I did this trip in two days. The first day we hiked to the Overmountain Shelter- highly recommend this option! Then we hiked the rest of the trail to 19E the second day. We shuttled to Carvers Gap by using the shuttle service provided by Mountain Harbor Hostel- I also highly recommend using these guys. When we got back to the hostel our car was safe and sound. Cars parked at the Carver Gap parking lot have been broken into and vandalized and being over 5 hours from home I didn't want to risk it. This is also a great option for a first time backpacker who really wants a good example of what backpacking can be like!

Finally bit the bullet and drove three hours down to Carvins Cove and it was SO worth it. The kayak rentals are stinkin' cheap ($7 for an hour/$11 for two) and if you want to drop your own kayaks in it's just a $2 parking fee! We opted to hike up above the lake before going down to kayak and the whole day was just perfect. I highly recommend this adventure!

Great review! I always start at the Browns Gap parking area, hike down around to both of the Doyle's Falls then continue hiking around to Jones Run Waterfall then back up to the Appalachian Trail and follow that north to the Browns Gap parking area. The whole loop is about 6.6 miles and you get to see another waterfall. There's also a beautiful swimming hole past Doyles Falls with a smaller waterfall that falls into it. Great for cooling off in the summer time!

I loved this little hike so much that now whenever I'm in the area I always tack it onto the end of a day of hiking. It's so easy and short and the views are breathtaking. I also like to recommend this spot to any photographer friends who are looking for a good place to catch a sunset. However, I've never been to the top and been alone for my entire time there- it's very popular for good reason. Great pictures!