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5 Pictures from a Once in a Lifetime Aurora Show

North America was lit up with a spectacular show on May 27, 2017

By: John Entwistle + Save to a List

The initial plan was to drive up to a paragliding launch site above the town of Pemberton, B.C. to have a bonfire and take some pictures of the stars. We packed up the car and headed out with our camera gear and some campfire dinner (hotdogs and s'mores). 

As I always do, I checked the aurora forecast before heading out, and it showed nothing. We got to the paragliding launch pad just after the sun had crept behind the mountain, made a small fire, and watched the light disappear through the valley. 

As it started to turn dark, I noticed that the sky to the north was not fully getting dark. I pointed my camera towards the light, and as it turns out, there was a very faint aurora display above the mountains. 

After returning to the campfire for some s'mores, the sky literally exploded with colour... We witnessed the greatest aurora show I have ever seen. Here are a couple of pictures, as they speak far louder than words:

One Mile Lake, Pemberton B.C. 

Taking in the show from the Paragliding Launch Pad

Stopping on the side of the road

Even as we got home at the end of the night, the show was still going on

It sure was one epic night - You can see the full gallery of images on my website, here: http://www.entwistlephoto.com/... 

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