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The Best Campervan Rental Companies for Your Next Road Trip

Our recommendations for great van rental companies for your epic road trip.

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Looking for tips as you lock down an epic road trip of your dreams. Campervans have quickly become the go-to vehicle for would-be adventurers, being spacious yet durable and as comfortable on asphalt as they are bombing dirt roads to the best trailheads and campsites. Here are our favorite campervan rental companies and why we like them.

Escape Campervans

In the last few years, Escape Campervans has exploded across the US and Canada, offering 12 locations and 600+ of their unmistakably bright and beautifully hand-painted vans. With over 16 years of experience, they’ve served over 80,200 happy travelers and counting.

Escape uses modern vehicles for maximum reliability (and gas mileage). With their tried-and-true buildout and customizable options like kitchen kits, bedding, and camping add-ons, their vans are perfect for budget-friendly road trips that include a variety of activities with minimal stress. 

Did we mention they are beautiful?

Peace Vans / Outwesty / Vintage Surfari Wagons

Is there a more iconic road trip vehicle than the Volkswagen Vanagon? This author says absolutely not, and if you are in the Pacific Northwest, Peace Vans in Washington/Oregon is a fantastic way to go. They even offer gift cards.

For those of you in Northern/Central California, checkout Outwesty Campervans, and for that classic SoCal vibe, Vintage Surfari Wagons.


For the slightly more adventurous, Outdoorsy is a great place to find vans to rent directly from their owner. Some are offered by companies doing van build-outs so the options can be very thoughtful though it will take additional research and planning to be sure the vehicles you are renting matches the trip you want to take. Still, there is something nice about renting a vehicle with the TLC of a fellow adventurer.


With each passing day the magic of Idaho is becoming less and less of a secret, and Wandervans is a Boise-based operation that is perfectly located for that epic road trip around America’s Outback in Oregon/Washington, all the magic of Idaho, and the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming and Montana. 

Travellers Autobarn

With pickup/drop off locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, these fully-stocked vans are a great choice that offer a lot of perks: free, unlimited miles, one-way rentals, rental age starting at 21 with no additional fees, discounted campgrounds, and more.


You cannot miss these green and purple caravans with rooftop tents from July, arguably the most ideal vehicle for the budget roadtripper. Technically considered a “Mini RV”, they have two options that come with or without a pop top tent. 

The Sprinter: VanCraft

Based in Oceanside, California, the Sprinters from VanCraft are some of the poshest options you can find short of going for a full on RV (don’t do that). Their Long Wheelbase option can sleep 6 people, making it ideal for group trips.

The Promaster: Native Campervans

For everyone who does not have six figures to spend and still want a new vehicle, the Promaster has become the go-to for reliable vanlife and epic road trips. The team at Native Campervans out of Denver, SLC, and Las Vegas have done a fantastic job on their buildouts, particularly “The Biggie”. If you are an adventurer looking to try out a Promaster before building out your own and taking the leap into Vanlife, a rig from Native Campervans is a great way to go.

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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