8 Must-Do Adventures Near Prince George BC

You can't go wrong with waterfalls, canyon hikes, and ancient forests.

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There are many people that don't think Northern BC is pretty or has much to offer, but I am here to prove otherwise. The Prince George area is full of so many hidden gems and rarely explored places. Some of the adventures on this list are pretty close to Prince George, and others are a slight drive, but each one is worth a visit. 

If you live in Prince George or the surrounding areas, comment on some other amazing places that are worth a visit. 

1. Hike the Ancient Forest Trail

This forest is truly one of a kind. It's the only known inland wet-temperate rainforest in the world. Home to ancient cedars that are around 2000 years old. Walking through this jurassic park-like forest is surreal. Oh, and it also has a waterfall too.

2. Hike to the top of Teapot Mountain

The hike to the summit of Teapot Mountain is short but steep. In around 1.5km you gain approximately 800m of elevation. Once at the top you quickly realize that the burning in your calf muscles was worth it because the views are amazing and so are the sunsets. 

3. Hike to War Falls

Located in Carp Lake Provincial Park this short hike leads you to a pretty large cascading waterfall. At the end of the trail there is a viewing platform. When the water levels are low enough you can walk in the water to the base of the falls.

4. Explore Hixon Falls

40 minutes south of Prince George this waterfall is hardly a walk but it is a worthwhile stop. When the water is low enough, you can walk in the water to a better view point of the falls.

5. Hike the Fort George Canyon Trail

This hike is about a half an hour south west of Prince George. The 12km round trip hike is all downhill into the canyon. Once there, you will see beautiful volcanic rock islands in the middle of the muddy Fraser River. When the river is low it is possible to walk out to some of the rocky islands. 

6. Hike the Ridgeview Lake Loop

This loop is located in Eskers Provincial Park half an hour northwest of Prince George. It is a scenic trail that takes you through a forest of aspen, lodgepole pine and douglas fir. Once on top of the ridge, you get a pretty nice view of Ridgeview Lake. 

7. Explore Hellroaring Falls

This waterfall is around 2 hours east of Prince George. It's a short hike upstream along the river through a moss covered forest filled with old growth hemlock. The water is a beautiful light aquamarine colour as well. 

8. Visit Upper Morkill Falls

This waterfall is amazingly huge and powerful. Its thunderous roar can be heard before you see it. Witnessing such power standing at the edge of the waterfall is very humbling. The best part is that you can hang out at the view point if you want. Or you can go on the bridge to the other side and scramble down to the base of the waterfall. Oh, and did I mention that there are two other cascading waterfalls directly across from the big one?

Photos: Kaila Walton

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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