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Kathleen Morton

Instead of aspiring to be weekend warriors, let's thrive on being weekday adventurers. Let's explore together: tinyhousetinyfootprint@gmail.com

I just did this snowshoe hike last weekend and it was breathtaking! It can be hard to find at first when you get off at Henderson Mine. Venture right with your car past the sign that says Cross Country Skiers/Snowmobilers. There's a parking lot there that you will park at. As you start your hike, you will eventually go left to Butler Gulch. Beautiful scenery and lots of great spots for skiers and snowmobiles. Dogs are welcome.

I just did this hike and it was incredible! We wanted to keep going at the top to hike down the other side, but the winds were intense. We tried to stick it out, but couldn't go much further. The higher we went, the more the winds tried to fight us. I'm not sure if the winds are always like that, but maybe try to check the winds before you go out or try earlier in the day.

Oh man! I definitely can't run up and down this thing, but will cheer all others that do. One time, I was hiking with a buddy and he told me to continue on because he was "too slow." So when I got to the top, I waited. Turned out, he had turned around and went into town to wait for me at the bottom with a margarita in hand. This hike is not for everyone. If you're not used to climbing stairs, it will knock the wind out of you. Definitely rewarding and a Colorado staple.

I think that some people might not know that you can see Red Rocks and downtown Denver on this trail. This particular description starts you in Indian Hills, but if you want, you can begin in Morrison as well. Afterwards, I enjoy stopping at Sit N Bull Saloon to people watch and grab grub.

I have found that most people park at the Red Rocks Amphitheater and explore around there because they don't know about this hike. This is a hidden gem and has some of the best views of Red Rocks and downtown Denver.