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Kevin King

This is a fantastic opportunity to see something rarely seen in the Midwest, a great migration. The guides were supremely friendly and personal all while sharing their knowledge with the group as a whole. In my group were about 20-25 people. While none of us were acquainted before the viewing we all car pooled together from the visitor center to the viewing site as parking is limited at the viewing site. From the viewing site it was about a 1/4 mile walk along a flat prairie grass path to the blind. The blind is about 40 feet long with a full wall of windows with camera portals facing the Platte River about 10 yards away. The guide brought several pairs of binoculars for use among the group, however I suggest bringing your own. The guide also setup a high power spotting scope for spectacular up close viewing. It was about an hour into the viewing before the first cranes landed, however it didn't take long after the first several landed for hundreds then thousands to follow. The roosted about 20 yards out into the shallow river making them approx. 30 yards from the blind. It was truly surreal to hear the sounds and see the sight of these birds and watch a great display of nature unfold. I highly recommend taking time to see and photograph this.