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Laura Hill

Born and raised in Arizona, I have a deep love of my home state! When I'm not working, you'll find me on a hiking trail, swinging in a hammock or paddling a kayak. And I'm always on the search for the next perfect camping spot.

The only reason that I'm only giving it 4 stars is because the beach was suuuper busy the couple of times I've been here. That being said, it's one of the most beautiful beaches in all of California. So if you don't mind crowds, this is the spot for you!

Made a quick stop here to relax and have a quick picnic lunch. Would be a wonderful spot for sunset. We did hear the cars, but the beach wasn't busy, which was nice.

Went with a friend and had a good time seeing the sights, but I don't think we'd go more than once. Great people watching and we loved all the beautiful houses. Lots of food options too!

I underestimated the incline on this hike, ha! Kicked my butt, but the end was worth it. Great views - good amount of people and dogs, but you'll get some great pics!

Never would have known this was here! Great spot, my dad heard about it from a friend in LA, so when we were out exploring, we stopped and had our take out lunch here. Beautiful views.

My dad and I visited, sat and watched the surfers for a bit, then went and found something to eat. There's tons of shops and restaurants super close. Agree with the other review stating that it's not the cleanest of beaches, there was a good amount of trash there. But overall, good beach!

Love Laguna, and this spot was such a delightful surprise! Great place to take some photos - there were only a handful of people there when we visited.

This is an iconic drive, and at sunset this overlook is spectacular. That being said, it's crowded, so maybe find some other spot if you're looking for solitude.

If you're looking for a little more action, Huntington Beach would be my recommendation, but this is a great little beach that stretches on forever. Great food options in town too.

Now that I have a high quality camera, I have to go back :) LaJolla is one of my favorite stops in California (there is a sushi spot there that is just to DIE for), and catching a sunset on the pier is a must.

Highly recommend! The Seattle skyline is a photographers dream, and this is a wonderful way to capture. We did a sunset cruise and then chose one of the many restaurants for dinner.

Love the restaurant at the end of the pier! It's a beautiful place and a lot less busy than many of the other California piers.

I love Oceanside (lots of great restaurants) and going down to the pier to watch sunset is a great way to end a day of adventures!

One thing about Florida, they have some spectacular sunsets. This is one of the locations we found while visiting friends a few years ago. We brought snacks and just relaxed while the sun went down.

Lots of activities, and it's just a great place to wander. So many restaurants too! My hubby and I got sandwiches and just sat on a bench, watching the sunset. Great way to spend a few hours!

Pompeii was one of the most fascinating experiences of my visit to Italy, so I knew we had to stop here as well. They are well preserved (for ruins) and honestly not very busy. Pompeii was filled with tourists, so this was refreshing. And make sure to take the guided tour, you'll learn a ton!

But only worth doing after a good solid rain. The trail is relatively flat, but the payoff is the waterfall at the end. Can get super busy, so I would plan on coming early in the day to make sure you get a spot at the trailhead.

But there were probably about 15 people there by the time my small group arrived. It's fabulous, but would have been much more enjoyable if I hadn't been unlucky... perhaps I'll try again in winter :)

I have to say the ride up to the top of the arch made my palms sweat - it was a very small pod, and if you have any issues with small spaces I encourage you to perhaps just stay at the bottom :) The museum at the base is very good, but my favorite part was just relaxing in the grass outside, under the arch. Lots of food nearby too!

Born and raised in Arizona, I've been to the Grand Canyon 7+ times, ha! This is a great, short hike, with spectacular views. As with anything at the Canyon, make sure to watch where you step, be super super careful and follow Leave No Trace ethics.

Iconic view, great neighborhood to walk and get some food. But be careful if you're standing in the middle of the street, you need to keep an eye out for cars. And trust me, you won't be the only one in the street :)

This is one of those things you have to see when you're visiting. Touristy, but you'll 100% enjoy it!

No matter what your viewpoint is, this is worth visiting for sunset! Iconic!

I have family in Cleveland, and we would do a sunset walk on Lake Erie every visit. It's beautiful and next time I'm there, we've talked about renting kayaks!