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Creekside Paradise

Watsonville, California

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Welcome you are a Tentrr client. Tentrr has provided a beautiful private campsite on a special property that is quite beautiful adjacent to Brown's creek. The campsite is separate from the rest of the park. Please use your campsite only. The rest of the park is privately owned.

We only have one campsite so you can have a completely private experience in the beautiful Santa Cruz redwoods next to beautiful Browns creek. Welcome to your Tentrr Campsite!

Welcome to your Tentrr Campsite!

If you need to reach me prior to arrival, you can reach me at 831-662-2641 - My name is Mark, I am your camp host.

We take the rules very seriously, if rules are broken, we charge and in some instances will ask campers to leave with no refund. This is a leave no trace campsite. If you leave a trace, we must charge for our time to resolve this.

Our goal is to have a breathtakingly beautiful campground for each camper to enjoy when they arrive so this means leave no trace.

If you call me prior to your arrival and we understand each other, we will leave the campground completely to yourself with no interruptions.

Camp Rules:
1. You must bring any and all wood you burn. do not gather fallen branches etc. Do not help yourself to the wood on the property. No wood from under the pizza oven, no split wood on the property and no sticks collected on the property. If you need wood we charge $20.00 per box and we will leave it in the parking lot prior to your arrival - you can add this on as an "extra" when you book. The fire must be attended at all times, no exception. The fire department requires all embers be completely extinguished with water. If embers are left in the morning they issue steep fines.
2. Usually we provide water but if we can’t the only water on the property comes from the creek. You are free to use it but it must be boiled or filtered before use.
3. Leave all of your waste in a Sealed plastic bags in the parking lot when you leave. Separate recycled from non recycled trash.
4. If you use the BBQ or wood burning stove, clean the ashes out and leave it as you found it.

5. Leave everything as you found it.

6. We ask that you keep on the path system at all times to protect the delicate plants. If you have children or pets please understand they have a very hard impact on the property and usually we find plant damage and pet droppings - this leads to losing the cleaning deposit.

8. There is no smoking permitted anywhere on the property. If you smoke don’t book with us because if you are smoking anything on the property you will be asked to leave at once. No exception, no second chance.

All these rules ensure everyone has a wonderful experience. So they also protect and ensure you will find camp a beautiful and very special place.

Some nearby area attractions:
1) Beautiful public access deep redwood forest hiking 1 mile from camp with breath taking views of the Monterey Bay and beautiful Carmel By The Sea.
2) Excellent wine tasting along Brown's Valley Road and the rest of Corralitos. These wines are some of the finest wines in the world, especially the Pinot's.
3) Award winning local brewery, Corralitos Brewery 3 miles from camp. Authentic local small micro brewery. Super fun place and local people.
4) 15 Minute drive to spectacular beaches on Santa Cruz.
5) 20 Minute drive to Beach Boardwalk amusement park. Over 100 years old a huge attraction. Full-on old-fashioned beach boardwalk with rides and a wonderful arcade.
6) 35 Minute drive to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. A world class Aquarium with a stunning display of jelly fish and other amazing sea creatures.


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