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Joshua Tree Ranch Los Angeles

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Joshua trees 50 miles closer to LA than the Joshua Tree National Park!

This is 2.5 acres of protected Joshua Tree lands in the Antelope Valley north of LA, between the snowy Tehachapi Mountains, and the rolling green foothills of the also-snowy San Gabriel Mountains.

My first time out there I saw BOTH ENDS of a rainbow in front of the snowy Tehachapis!! Super dark skies, and a million stars at night.

It feels like the wild west out here. Think long dirt roads, tumbleweeds, bones, and maybe some old bullet shells (there's no shooting allowed on the property anymore). The property itself is along a "road" called Avenue C, but I'd be shocked if you encountered anyone driving along there. Except possibly another group of campers.

This land used to be the domain of the Ketanemuk tribe, which I think means People From The East. In the summer they would go up and hunt and get pine nuts in the Tehachapi Mountains, and acorns from the oak trees in the San Gabriels.

About a 20 minute drive from the town of Neenach (pronounced Nee-nack), where there's a general store and a cafe. They make a great breakfast burrito.

A few minutes from the State Poppy Reserve, which blooms in the spring with miles of California poppies.

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