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Rachel Fidler

Went to the Narrows in March and it was amazing!! We rented the Narrows wetsuit package for $45 at Zion Mountain School (wetsuit, neoprene socks, water shoes, walking stick) and it was perfect for the 45 degree water temps. Wore a fleece and down jacket over my wetsuit in the canyon, it's a lot colder in there than out in the park. Went up about 2 miles until the fork and took the right for the Orderville track which added about 2 miles round trip, so about 6 miles total. Definitely recommend!

We hiked Many Pools in mid-March and it was lovely -- nice views and very quiet compared to a lot of the trails in Zion. We even saw a couple of Bighorn Sheep scaling the rocks around us. Not much water in the pools, but maybe it was just the time of year we were hiking. Easy to get to, and these directions take you right there.