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Rebecca Brothers

These falls are pretty nifty on their own, but not much of an adventure. If you have the ability I highly recommend floating the snake so you can see the falls from the river. Just put in at the dam and pull out at Spring Creek Boat Ramp. It's a pretty calm float and the falls provide a great finale.

This short hike is a blast! Make sure it's warm when you go because the water is chilly and when I went I had to go through water up to my chin. Also be prepared for a lot of people as this seems to be a super popular adventure.

This hike was a little crowded when I went, but it was gorgeous and totally worth it. Just don't expect solitude

These lakes are hands down my favorite lakes to paddle in the area. The water is usually calm and the scenery is unbeatable. I do recommend getting started before 9am in the summer as the parking lot tends to fill up.

This is a great day hike with amazing views the whole way up to the cabin.

This hike is high reward for relatively little effort. It does tend to be a bit busy, especially in the summer. Do make sure to watch out for bears as I have seen them on this trail.

Seneca Lake is a great place to camp if you don't feel you can make it all the way to Island Lake.

This is such a fun hike. The waterfall and the cave are gorgeous. The last bit of trail up to the cave is a bit steep, but it doesn't last long. Be sure to bring a jacket for the cave, as it's chilly.

I did this trip Labor Day weekend and it was fantastic! It's definitely a long 11 miles to Island Lake, but it's definitely worth it. You can make your trip in/out shorter by camping at Seneca Lake, but Island Lake definitely has better camping if you can make it.

This is an amazing area! The cirque is unreal. This isn't an easy trek but it's 100% worth it. Everything I read said the first 5 miles were easy, and then it got harder, I just didn't realize how much harder. It doesn't just get steeper, but much rockier, especially when you're crossing a massive boulder field before North Lake. I'd recommend camping at Big Sandy and hiking to the cirque with a day pack. It'd make the last couple miles much more enjoyable and there is some great camping at Big Sandy. Oh and the mosquitoes are no joke.

Snowshoeing here is like snowshoeing in a winter wonderland. I had the trail to myself and got incredibly lucky and saw a mountain goat just a few yards off the trail. This trail is beautiful and peaceful and the perfect difficulty for snowshoeing.