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Sachith Siriwardane

I'm a 22 year-old Sri Lankan-American raised in Singapore. I've had the privilege of visiting 40 countries- I hope that list keeps growing. I like to jump off things and take pictures. Reckless within reason, always curious. Currently in Taiwan, South America's next.

People use this as an easy way to get from Peru to Chile without flying, but this is so much more than that. Over the 3 days (if you choose to do that tour), you see some terrains that are just breathtaking. The night skies are unbelievable and the salt flats seem like they're from a different planet. Would definitely recommend.

If you give this rip earlier in the day, chances are you'll have it all to yourself. Completely free too. If you don't have a car, hitchiking there is super easy, don't pass it up

For those who don't have the capability of planning months in advanced, this is an awesome alternative to the Inca Trail. Definitely give it a rip, it's a beautiful, worthwhile trek.

Definitely bring clothes for both warm and cold conditions. The weather flips from chilly at nights to supppper hot during the afternoon so you'll need both. Sweet hike for sure.

You can spend a whole day here. Bring some lunch, and hang out on the rock for hours. Pro tip: If you're going to try to flip, time it right; otherwise a painful, painful belly flop is in store.

We decided to canoe, instead of kayaking - definitely not the move. The 17-mile journey will leave you exhausted, but it's definitely worth it. Super rewarding seeing Spirit Island, and the backdrop at that final push. Would highly recommend over taking the ferry.

What more can you ask for? Free camping and you wake up to an amazing view of the Grand and it's neighbors. Get there before nightfall though, navigating those roads can be a little tricky... potholes everywhere.

Easy to do hike - especially you're staying at the Jenny Lake campsite. Take an afternoon, and stroll along the lake. You might save time taking the ferry, but its a relatively easy trail and there are some great viewpoints

Great campsite, seems like everyone knows it too. Get there early and bag a spot.

Did you really go to Yellowstone if you didn't go to Old Faithful? Switch it up by going at sunrise, or sunset, but definitely don't skip it

This place gets SUPER crowded during the day. If you want it to yourself/want a seat...get there early.

Unbelievable night photography spot. Bring some blankets up, enjoy the stars, and get out there

When you get there you might see a bridge with a ton of people taking photos, but go a little further. You can get some isolation/different angles if you venture a little past that.

This hike is definitely worth taking the time to do. It gives you an unbelievable view of the valley. It's definitely windy at the top though.

A super easy detour if you're making the trek from Jasper to Banff. If you're there before 9, you'll beat the tours. We went around sunset (In mid-June), and had the place to ourselves.

You might be a little hesitant to pay the price (show your student ID for some solid discounts), but it's definitely worth it if you can avoid the crowds. We went on a cloudy day, and it added to the mood really nicely and made for some cool shots.

Kind of a bummer, but someone bought the land around it so it's on private property now. We tried to go around the signs, but couldn't make it through some of the forest. I'd try asking the owners if anything.

Annoying crowds can ruin an experience at any place, even a waterfall as awesome as this. Go for blue hour/as the sun rises.

We went only for hiking and it was an awesome time. The Summit Trail gives some pretty sweet views of the canyon. Can only imagine how sweet it must be for climbers - definitely gonna come back

On our road trip up the West Coast, we decided to dip into Crater Lake to catch a rise, and it was one of the best detours we made. The colors and reflections off the water were unbelievable, get out of bed and get after it

You will get the most out of this if you go at golden hour, probably on the morning side. Everyone else has said it, but that's also when the light will play through the trees the best.

Growing up in Singapore, going over to the park to watch the sunrise was one of our favorite things to do. Something special about seeing the sunrise over the Marina Bay Sands - definitely worth a try.

No matter how much the Tuk Tuk drivers try to dissuade you, spend more than 2-3 hours here. You can spend hours just swimming in the different levels. Go early in the day to beat the crowds, and enjoy the beauty of the whole place to yourself. Also you might just get lucky enough to find the secret falls...

We made the mistake of going before the season, and being too stubborn to rent snowshoes, so we did this trek with snow up to our waists (at certain points). Despite being aggressively underprepared, this was one of the most memorable experiences of my Norway trip. Sitting there at the tip, looking out on to the fjord was absolutely priceless. I'd advise trying to time it (Or stay the night) to get some time there to yourself. Especially during peak season.