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Shaneil Weaver

This is a great introductory trail to Garden of the Gods. It is paved all the way around and begins at the largest parking area. I saw a surprising amount of wildlife on this trail including a rattlesnake, multiple mule deer, and multiple different bird species. I would recommend taking the Upper Trail detour, it is NOT paved, but it provides even better views of the central garden and downtown Manitou.

This was a short hike from the parking lot. Bathrooms are available on site. Fencing surrounds the crater to discourage any would be adventurers from getting too close to the edge of the crater.

This is a trail I would take a group of children to for a field trip so they could learn about the last volcanic explosion in Lassen. Each trail marker has handy solar-powered displays with prerecorded history lessons about the event. They do go on for a bit longer than you think so as we walked away we could hear the previous recording droning on. Gave us a bit of a giggle imagining how loud it would be if all of them were playing at once.

The lake itself is fairly shallow all the way across and is home to quite a few fish. The loop is perfect for kids and dogs (on leash). It intersects with one of the nicest national park bathrooms I have ever been in. You might even see a park ranger or too as the museum is nearby.

This lake is a hidden gem for fishers who want a quiet spot in the morning to contemplate life or think of nothing at all. The trail is a progressing incline as you hike past one lake after another. Nearby camping sites are available by reservation.

We visited this lake at the beginning of Oct. so a coat was necessary to block out the cold wind. Cabins line the shore on the east side with access to some rock climbing areas nearby. If you are feeling adventurous, there is an almost too-perfect rock cliff nestled above a deep water portion of the lake you can launch off of during the warmer summer days.

* Easy flat gravel trail that is great for walking, kids, bikes and dogs. * Lots of River front benches * Bat houses along the river * Saw a passing coyote * Look out for the well made beaver dams in Carson river * Pretty in fall for when leaves are changing.

This is a small but stunning beach line. Be careful of slipper boulders when swimming in the water. Stone cabin house onsite with rich history. Small beach line that can fit about 20 people.

This hike is fairly steep all the way up but definitely worth the view. Dogs and mountain bikes are welcome. Keep an eye out for the Monkey at the top.

Very easy trail to find right off the main road. The smell of the lake can be too strong for some. Great for bird watching and a place to stretch your legs.

* Ada accessible Boardwalk with a beautiful up close view of the tuffas * Kids park on property * Clean bathroom facility with handicap accessible entrances and walkways *Great place for a picnic and pit stop before heading out.

Great for kids, elderly and dogs. Easy access from adjacent neighborhood. Fenced in pasture with walking trail the loops around it.

I conquered the Incline! A few things to mention about this hike; it requires a free permit, the most-likely parking is paid parking in downtown Manitou, there's a free shuttle from the parking area to the Cog Railway and from there you'll walk to the start of the Incline. I came back down the Barr trail but you can come down the Incline too. Or, the Barr trail meets the Incline about 2/3 of the way up so you can mix and match your return. Beautiful views from both. I would recommend at least 2L of water if it's a warm sunny day.

Lots of off-road camping leading up to the lake. 4 wheel drive recommended. A few miles past fuller lake the road becomes gravel and is not maintained. There were boats up at Bowman, very curious how they got those up there with the road conditions!

Easy trail that has a plethora of benches and pergolas to enjoy the serenity of the park. Great place to go for a walk, the park has multiple groves with great signage to learn about the numerous plants and trees along the trails. Favorite place of locals for graduation or special occasion photos.

Small parking lot across from trailhead, it fills up fast but if you're lucky there will be a spot open when you're passing by. If not, many park along the road and walk down the shoulder/sidewalk to the trail. The trail is narrow which makes for slow going on a busy day. Short hike with an amazing view at the end. Child friendly as long as they are not afraid of heights.

Start at peekaboo and end with spooky. This is because it is easier going down the rope in Spooky after you finish with peekaboo than going to opposite direction and climbing up the rope. Bring a small pack with water. Nothing too bulky as the slots in spooky get very narrow in one section. Be sure to follow the cairns in between both slots canyons to find your way. Watch out for snakes on your walk to the location. Depending on when the road was last graded the drive can be a bit rough but it's passable in most vehicles. After the hike be sure to get the best slice of pizza you will ever eat in town at The Outfitters.

4-wheel drive is needed to get to the destination and airing down the tires is strongly recommended. VERY Sandy. There are two sections of slot canyons and it opens up in the middle. The trail ends with a dry fall that is not climbable. Short distance to walk in and out. Great for families.

Fairly easy hike but elevation may be tough for those who have trouble breathing. Informative placards throughout the bristlecone grove describing the flora and fauna. It’s worth continuing up the hill a bit to see Rock Glacier after the grove. Bring warm clothing, there was still plenty of snow on the trail on the last day of May.

Went on a full moon hike with a group. Started before dusk and took headlamps for the way down. Pretty waterfall on the way up along with amazing views of a few different lakes. Windy and rocky at the top but worth it. Long somewhat challenging hike.

Easy trek in snowshoes. Park along Tahoe meadows across from sledding hill on southeast side of the road. A mile out and back. Once you see the lake you have reached your destination. Bring bird seed.

Watch your ankles, lots of of tree roots. Pretty steady uphill with duel lake payoff at the end. Great spot for a swim. Dog friendly.

Multiple pools for swimming and beating the summer heat. There’s some parking by the bridge but that fills up and then a lot of cars park along the road. Please pick up after yourselves, there were lots of stray socks, some litter, and a few abandoned inflatables :(

Prettiest if you go counter clockwise. Go down the switchbacks to Wall Street and follow the loop down to the river and back up. Great workout for the glutes.