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Shawn GrenningerExplorer

Born and raised in Central Pennsylvania exploring the beautiful outdoors by foot and kayak and spending the nights under the stars. I'm typically planning my next adventure before the current one ends and of course enjoy a good beer in the process.

This is a great little hike, it has a fun rock scramble near the end. There is also a beautiful camping spot near the views at Tibbet Knob. I did this in early spring and need to revisit when there is foliage on the trees.

Jockey Ridge is a unique place, it's really just a lot of sand but it is fun to walk around and explore the dunes.

Lighthouses are fun to visit, and Cape Hatteras is a great visit, as far as photographing, I do prefer the setting of Bodie Island over Cape Hatteras.

This is a great hike with excellent views, the description is a little off, there is no river. Follow the trail from Wolf Gap Campground and then take the Big Schloss Spur Trail. Enjoy the views!

Taughannock Falls is a stunner, and it's beautiful in any season. The deep freeze of winter is a unique treat to see the waterfall frozen and huge icicles hanging from the gorge walls as you hike to the base of the falls.

This is a great hike with some really cool and diverse features. Make sure to jump in the icy waters at Green Lakes!

I have canoe camped twice at this lake. The views, the sunset and sunrise, the night sky. If I could I think I would live in a tent along the shores of this lake!

This is a great spot to catch a sunset. It's a climb but you have an excellent view of Bachelor Mountain on the way up and at the top you have incredible views. This is a must do when in Bend!

This water is amazing. Koosah Falls is a stunner of a water fall. The forest is lush green and mossy, this place is straight out of a fairy tale!

This is a really cool hike, some lava area, some huge old growth forest and two impressive waterfalls. Proxy Falls was a place I wanted to visit when I first saw a photo of it and it did not disappoint!

Ok, so the Spirit Island part is still on my bucket list. My goal is to kayak to it someday. However, just seeing Maligne Lake is breathtaking. This place is a gem, scenery in every direction you look, it's a place that is even better in person.

Weather wasn't the greatest when I visited, but still super cool. The waterfall is powerful and spectacular, but I think I like the little gorge just below the waterfall the best at this spot.

This is another bucket list location. I was there in May and the lake was still mostly frozen, but even though it wasn't that beautiful blue color it is still an amazing sight to see. Well worth the hike!

I highly recommend this place for a hike. It's a moderate hike that includes awesome views, waterfall, crystal clear lakes, awesome rock formations. This was super cool spot I visited with my friend from Alberta.

This place is a photographer's dream, likely on many peoples bucket list. My two visits were not the most conducive to photography but were still absolutely amazing. Even with haze in the sky from BC wildfires, it was still a sight to see.

The Views, WOW! This place is beautiful and the day I was there it was not overcrowded as I took a leisurely walk along the lakeshore. Amazing scenery!

I really wish I could have been at this spot for sunrise/sunset. It's a beautiful location with mountain views and crystal clear reflections in the lakes. Hopefully I will have the chance to revisit!

This is one of those places that is super easy to access and has some great views. The Canadian Rockies are stunning and there are places better, but if you are in a rush, this is a great place to take in a view from above without hiking.

This place is amazing, I'm not a rock climber, but I enjoyed hiking and exploring the area. I also enjoyed watching and admiring some of the rock climbers I saw while there.

Hike the trail for the namesake, it is nice hike through the forest and climbing to a nice view opposite that of Raven's Horn on the nearby Golden Eagle Trail.

The best time to visit Jacoby Falls is in the deep freeze of winter. The falls creates a frozen tunnel/cave that you can walk behind (wear spikes). This is a must see for yourself type of experience. Jacoby Falls is also beautiful when it isn't frozen but can dry up in the summer.

Ithaca Falls is just about right in town. It is a short walk in and is beautiful. If you are in Ithaca, this is a must stop and see spot!

The OLP is a great backpacking trail and being a loop makes it easy for the solo backpacker. There are some great camping spots near the gorgeous Rock Run. The trail also has two shelters, Doe Run and Sprout Point. The vistas are nice, but not as great as some other Pennsylvania backpacking trails.

This is a great hike, it's not too long and I used it as a backpacking starter trail for my fiancé. There is a nice rhododendron tunnel as you drop down to blackberry run.