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    Looking for the best camping in Switzerland? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Switzerland. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

    Top Camping Spots in and near Switzerland

    • Flüelen, Switzerland

      Hike to Surenenpass in the Uri Alps

      14 mi / 6000 ft gain
      The hike begins in the town of Attinghausen, which can easily be reached by public transport, about 1.5 hours from Zürich. You should follow the yellow signs for the Brüsti Seilbahn. Here, you can take the cable car up to Brüsti (the midpoint between Attinghausen and Surenen Pass) for 10 CHF/$10....
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    • Glarus Süd, Switzerland

      Backpack to Richetlipass in the Glarus Alps

      14.3 mi / 4593.2 ft gain
      This is a point-to-point hike in the Glarus Alps of Switzerland, beginning in the town of Elm and ending in the town of Linthal. Elm can be reached in 1.5 hours by car from Zürich, or two hours by public transport. Take note that because this is a thru hike, it may be better to take advantage of ...
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    • Val-de-Travers, Switzerland

      Backpack the Creux du Van

      8.7 mi / 2379 ft gain
      The Creux du Van is found in the wilderness above the town of Noiraigue, a 20-min train ride from Neuchâtel in northwestern Switzerland. It features a magnificent vista ruled by the ibex and wildflowers of the alpine landscape—and it's only a short day hike from the valley below.If you're arrivin...
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    • Icogne, Switzerland

      Hike the Bisse du Ro to Lac de Tseuzier

      11.9 mi / 1387.8 ft gain
      The trail along the Bisse du Ro has its origins in the 15th-century Swiss villagers who painstakingly carved water canals out of the mountainsides in order to irrigate the farmlands of the Valais. It hugs the cliffs all the way to the Ertentse River, with stunning mountain panoramas across the va...
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    • Erstfeld, Switzerland

      Hike Bälmeten

      9 mi / 4485 ft gain
      Brass Tax Distance: 9 mi out and back. Elevation Gain : 4,485 ft Difficulty: Difficult Time: Full day (overnight possibility) The Hike This hike begins in the town of Schattdorf. It is relatively accessible from most major cities by train and bus. You’ll take the cable car up at Schattdorf LS...
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    • Kandersteg, Switzerland

      Oeschinensee Panorama Loop, Hohtürli, and Wildi frau

      10 mi / 3854 ft gain
      Brass Tax: Length – Variable by choice Elevation Gain – 3,584 ft Time – 4+ hours – 2 days Stay – 47-84$ / night Difficulty – Difficult Hohtürli in Swiss German means “High Little Door”. This pass sits at an elevation of 2,778 meters (9,114 feet) in the Bernese Oberland. Making it the highest pas...
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