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Tammy Molepske

The Mammoth Hot Springs is another unique feature of Yellowstone with fascinating geology. This area was less populated with visitors and had ample parking area. The boardwalks offer up close views of the rock terraces and crystallized carbonate precipitated from the hot springs.

Traffic can be quite heavy leading to the National Monument and parking lends to challenges, especially if towing a camper. So be patient and you will be rewarded with incredible views of the prairie, ponderosa pines, and this iconic columnar rock formation.

The Big Wolf is part of the Cass Lake chain, just east of Bemidji. This area is a fishing mecca, especially for walleyes. The water level here fluctuates due to the upstream and downstream dam control, and can impact the fishery.

Unlike many adventures around Bend, I didn’t see anyone else during my hike up the Butte when visiting in 2019. This area was an easy drive from the southeast side of town. Pleasant but views of the surrounding topography were cloudy over.

If you are seeking easy access and a short walk, take the Door Trail. This out-and-back is manageable for all ages and abilities and offers off trail experiences for those prepared and wanting the wild and rugged. The scenic landscape is incomparable.

Muddy trails and lakes to splash in. Tower views are expansive. Had a slight sway on a high winds day that gave me a bit of vertigo. Enjoyed a delicious panini and a Canoepaddler at the great restaurant across the lake. Make sure you stop to eat at the Hill of Beans when making the trip to Timm’s Hill.

Loved shuffling through the shoreline waters stalking hungry fish, although I was a bit tentative around the cownose rays that would pop up occasionally. We visited at the onset on a significant algae bloom that made the news for its impact on the fishery.

We took the drive along Mustang Island instead of the ferry to Port Aransas, and it's absolutely worth detouring down to the quiet and vast beach. The month of May gave us perfect weather. The diversity of the dunes adds to the appeal of all the recreational opportunities, which provided a first ever encounter with an armadillo.

My Alma Mater, a top tier university for Natural Resources education, did right by protecting and preserving this “island of green”. The area has complex and interesting history, but above all this refuge for flora and fauna sparks appreciation in those who grace its diverse habitats. The conservancy area offers easy parking and is accessible to all ages. Definitely recommend adding a stroll to your plans when visiting Stevens Point.

No day at the Holland State Park is complete without taking in the views at the top of Mt. Pisgah. The ascent offers plenty of look-outs and rest stops along the way up. The walkway is well maintained, and the scenery of the dunes and lakes certainly takes more breath away than the stairs themselves. Parking can be limited, and note no dogs allowed.

Spring in Holland, MI offers as much for the eyes as a candy shop does for the taste buds of a nine year old! You will be amazed at the spectrum of beauty when the tulips are in bloom. Timing is key, of course with the first week of May for the typical peak. Plan it right, and your shutter finger will be busy capturing the millions of blossoming bulbs.

The west coast of PR is totally appealing to surfers and gives the perfect scene for sunset photograph. Find a hillside hooch to call your temporary home and soak in the latitude.

Crescent City offers the traveler much to see with the Redwoods to the south, plentiful beaches to explore and the pier to stroll. The area, though, can be secluded so taking advise on parking and trekking solo is important.

Perfect place to gather and enjoy food, drinks, friends and family! The lakeshore is refreshing. It’s also great for the added entertainment of people watching.

Stopped to shop and dine in this charming town as we enjoyed the forest and mountain terrain towards the Alps. The architecture and cobble streets do bring a sense of pride and heritage.

While the interior of this infamous castle is awe-inspiring, the landscape and exterior expanse is like no other. Hands down the best part of my visit to Germany, well besides the Colabiers.

The trails of Copper Falls offers beautiful views, a few wade in areas if the temps are hot and accessibility regardless of age or ability.

This is a gorgeous place and wonderfully set up for tourists to enjoy. When time lapsing the sunset, a band assembled to serenade the small crowd that gathered. You can walk the path or take the roadway descent for a great workout in the canyon.

Great spot for selfies and landscape photography. Small fee is required to park so bring a couple bucks in cash.

It was this pier that hosted my inaugural visit to the Pacific Ocean, which perpetually left me wanting more.

Great picnic spot. Can spot sea lions gathering for a picnic of fish too

Whether you delight in the flora, your companion’s history lesson or the pleasurable breezy under the shade trees, this Madrid Park is a must visit. Each section offers a distinct respite within the busy city landscape.

While the road way was open in early March, the conditions shift quickly to impassable. Research the weather patterns and contact park officials prior to committing to your visit. Upon arrival, I was advised to get back on the road and not visit the park. Can’t wait to get back and enjoy this gem!

Logan is a beautiful area and this hike does not disappoint. Parking is easy at the trail head right off the roadway. Trail is in great condition and well traveled so that I didn’t feel worried while hiking alone. And the views...amazing!