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Thomas Nickel

So I did this hike and it’s connection to Pyramid and Gothics. We camped on the trails outside the private property where you’re allowed to. And had a great time. This specific portion was super manageable. The connection to Pyramid and Gothics was very difficult though. We saw a lot of cool wildlife like owls, deer, and from the far of distance could swear we saw a bear but not 100% sure on that one. All in all it’s phenomenal area.

Hard to find many like this around Lake Erie.

It is definitely a bit touristy, but it was an amazing experience. Well worth the money in my opinion. If your going to spend the money to come to Iceland, you may as well spend the money to come here.

It was a great trail. I loved that there were trail shelters. And I loved that there was a portajohn the harpers creek shelter. It would have been the best trip ever if it wasn't for the freezing rain.