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Travis Poulson

Mother Nature is calling. You can't ignore the call...

This is definitely worth a stop along your drive through the park. Be sure to walk under the arches, they're a geological wonder!

In my opinion, this is the way to summit King's Peak. Backpacking in gives you the time to enjoy the beautiful basin, explore other lakes and spend time on the peak to soak it all in. Incredible adventure!

Fun trail to a nice lookout. Very popular with scout troops, families and youth groups. If you can catch sunset at the top, you won't be disappointed.

I discovered this trail a couple years ago and its now my go-to for a beautiful, secluded trail run. The wildflowers are outstanding mid summer.

One of my favorite trails. Fantastic riding for much of the year. It's one of the first trails clear due to its lower elevation and its one of the most beautiful in the fall.

You can enjoy this trail for most of the year, but don't expect to enjoy it alone. The views of the valley are make it all worth it, and the sunsets are stunning.

It's crowded and easy, but worth a jaunt up if you haven't been or it's been a while. The kids will have fun getting out and you can enjoy the view of downtown.

If you're tired of Grandeur Peak and want a new Millcreek Peak, this is a great choice. Fall is beautiful. Last time I was there we saw a horny toad.

This place is nutso crowded on most weekends. The falls are unique and worth the crowds if you haven't taken the family there yet, but do not go on a holiday weekend. You will regret it!

This is a fun spot to stop and let the kids climb around. It's a short hike, but worth a little time to explore, just watch out for rattlesnakes!

If I'm alone and the snow is good, this is my go-to spot for solitary powder runs through the aspen groves. There is a low risk of avalanches here.

When the higher hiking is still covered in snow, this is a fantastic peak to summit. The snow-capped peaks are beautiful from this vantage point. And the rolling green hills make you feel like you're in Scotland.

The is my favorite "local secret" hike near me. I go there for solace and meditation. It's beautiful in the fall when the aspens turn golden. Don't tell anyone about it! : )

It's hard to beat the Crest Trail, but the Mid Mountain comes as close as any in the Wasatch mountains around Salt Lake. It's a long day if you ride it all, but so worth it. Put this adventure on your list!

My favorite lake hike in the Wasatch Range. Early in the spring, it's a fun adventure trekking across the snow. Bring your kids and challenge them!

This is the most spectacular area I've ever backpacked into. The beauty and majesty of this place cannot be overstated.

A prominent peak jutting right out of the middle of the city, what more could you ask for? Outstanding views in every direction.

If you're heading up Big Cottonwood and want a quick, shady stop, pull over at the s-curve and take a half hour to enjoy this little waterfall.

I brought my kids up here on the 4th of July and couldn't take more than 5 steps before I had to photograph another flower. The variety was outstanding. Great family outing!

This is a great family hike with a destination that's hard to beat. The falls are absolutely massive during runoff. The final climb is steep and challenging but my 8 year made it with some encouragement. Push your kids a little and they'll surprise you with what they can handle.

This is one of the most difficult, yet most incredible, unique and rewarding hikes I've done. I regret not climbing it sooner. The granite walls are unbelievable and the precipitous summit is a riot!

Incredible mountaineering adventure right in our backyard. I love climbing this mountain, and summitting in the winter is something special.

One of my favorite hikes in the area. If you're looking for a beautiful challenge off the beaten path, look no further. Maybird Lake's enchanted island is unique and magical.

Fantastic family hike for all seasons. If you catch the aspens in all their golden glory, you will not believe your eyes! Also, watch for moose, they like this lake a lot.