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Top Spots

Hike Geode State Park

Danville, Iowa

7.3 mi / 669 ft gain

Hike Starr's Cave Park And Preserve

Burlington, Iowa

0.5 mi / 16 ft gain

Hike Little Fox Pond Loop Trail

Wapello, Iowa

5.9 mi / 13 ft gain

Explore Columbus Junction's Swinging Bridge

Columbus Junction, Iowa


Hike Fairfield Loop Trail

Fairfield, Iowa

15.7 mi / 610 ft gain

Hike Kewash Nature Trail

Washington, Iowa

13.9 mi / 157 ft gain

Hike Jefferson County Park Trail

Fairfield, Iowa

4.3 mi / 219 ft gain

Hike Gate House Trail Loop

Keosauqua, Iowa

2 mi / 324 ft gain

Hike Lake Darling Loop

Brighton, Iowa

11.2 mi / 643 ft gain

Places to stay

Shady Creek

Muscatine, Iowa

Shady Creek

Clarks Ferry

Muscatine, Iowa

Clarks Ferry

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