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Top Spots

Photograph the Briggs Woods Waterfalls

Webster City, Iowa


Hike Brushy Creek Lake Trail Loop

Duncombe, Iowa

10.8 mi / 380 ft gain

Hike Lake, Preserve, And Meadow Trails Loop

Lehigh, Iowa

3.6 mi / 282 ft gain

Hike West River Trail

Lehigh, Iowa

7 mi / 377 ft gain

Hike Boneyard To Center To Copperas To Indian Loop

Otho, Iowa

4.3 mi / 646 ft gain

Hike Copperas And Indian Trail Loop

Otho, Iowa

2.5 mi / 479 ft gain

Hike Dolliver Indian Trail

Lehigh, Iowa

1.4 mi / 324 ft gain

Hike Kennedy Loop And Badger Lake

Fort Dodge, Iowa

2.5 mi / 68 ft gain

Hike the McFarland Park Loop

Ames, Iowa

5 mi / 300 ft gain

Places to stay

Sandpiper Recreation Area

Polk City, Iowa

Sandpiper Recreation Area

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