Hot Springs, South Dakota

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Top Stories in and near Hot Springs

  • Black Elk Peak-Nic

    August 7th, 2019 I turned 30.  I had been looking at 30 for a while and was thinking that it was very daunting and such a big age. I was afraid that it would mean I was getting old and had to have everything figured out. Not all of that is true, and to show that I was still capable of doing chall...
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  • Tour De Granite

    As we finished loading and packing our bikes, another flash of lightning and crack of thunder rumbled outside my parents’ garage. We did what we could to pass the time and eventually, once the lightning subsided, we decided to go for it, even in the last of the rain. We knew we had about 17 miles...
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  • 3 Epic Days in Rapid City

    Rapid City is not what you expect. It’s way better. It embodies the charm of a small town, the bustle of a big city, has the warmth of incredible, friendly people, and the opportunity for big adventures nearby, all while keeping your belly full and happy. This is a suggested itinerary that give...
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  • Badlands, South Dakota

    Floating Down the Cheyenne River

    We arrived at the banks of the Cheyenne River a little after 9 Saturday morning near the town of Redshirt. We unloaded the truck, made sure we had what we needed, loaded the canoe and kayak with our gear, lathered up with sunscreen and set out for a weekend adventure into the unknown. None of us ...
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Go Great Places in South Dakota

In the Mount Rushmore state, travels to South Dakota are full of one-of-a-kind adventure with wide-open spaces as endless as the horizons. Between legendary landscapes and scenic drives, you can always find space that shifts life into park. When you’re ready, go great places.

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