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  • Minneapolis, Minnesota

    The Top 5 Spring Hikes Near Minneapolis

    In Minnesota, April is often a month of hoping the snow flurries cease, but it’s also the beginning of Minnesotans emerging from the indoors to get outside and explore the nearby parks and trails. With recent snowmelt, waterfalls are flowing at a higher rate than they would in other seasons, maki...
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  • 8 Best places to hike near Minneapolis

    Minneapolis is an outdoorsy city with tree-lined trails winding through forests and along lakes. There are paved pathways perfect for strollers and wheelchairs, and gravel trails ready for hiking boots and puppy paws. Grab your camera before heading out to these 8 hikes near Minneapolis! 1. Minn...
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  • Explore These 4 Wisconsin State Natural Areas

    When you visit Wisconsin Dells or Devils Lake State Park, there are plenty of other places nearby that you should check out when the parking lots are full. Here are some of the best areas you should check out in the area!  1. Pewit's Nest State Natural Area About a 15 minute drive northwest of ...
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