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Wilderness Fire

This is truly one of the most amazing hikes I have been on! There are two different ways to get to the top. There is a short steep trail (which is for the more intermediate hikers) and the longer easy going trial. Both are fantastic! Each of the trails has its amazing sites! Both are beautiful and covered with wild flowers that can grow to be nearly 8 feet tall sometimes! There are hundreds of varieties of flowers! It is great for photographers! There are also many beautiful streams and water falls. The most breathtaking part of the whole hike is when you reach the summit. There are no words to describe the absolute, amazing awesomeness you are witnessing! Warning! The last 100 feet of the climb is difficult! Expect to slip and slide a lot! So be careful with each step! Also, you will want to take bear spray! There are many black bears in the area. It's not a big concern, it's just to be cautious. Now you are probably wondering why I gave this hike 4 stars an not 5. That is because of the sheer amount of people on this trail. It can be hard to find a spot to hide if nature calls (if you get me). It is completely worth all struggles though! It is truly awesome!

This is a fun and easy hike for the family! I can only rate it 3 out of 5 stars because of the amount of people. I prefer more remote areas, where you rarely or never actually see other people. It is a beautiful and very enjoyable place. It is wonderful for photographers! There is plentiful wildlife and vegetation to take photos of. And of course the water falls, as well.