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Amelia Walker

We completed this hike just hours before our plane took off for home because we wanted one last adventure on Kauai, and we are so glad we did! This hike is about 3.1 miles downhill to get to the end. Once there, you are rewarded with the most amazing view of the Na Pali Coast and can even walk (very carefully!) on the ridge of one of the peaks. It was very cloudy when we first arrived and we couldn't see much of anything, but as we climbed down further and waited it out, everything became much more clear! Keep in mind that it is 3.1 miles uphill to return to the parking lot, so bring lots of water and build in time to take breaks.

This was hands down our favorite part of our Hawaiian vacation (we went to both Kauai and Maui). The views are so incredible and on an hour tour, you can see the whole island. We saw the Na Pali Coast, the Waimea Canyon, tons of waterfalls, and the large stretches of farmland. The majority of Kauai is inaccessible by road, so this is THE way to see the island! We splurged for a "door off' tour, so the pictures came out amazing with no glass in the way. Be sure to not just take pictures though - I tried to evenly divide my time between photographing and just watching and taking in the beauty. It's a once in a lifetime experience you don't want to miss!

We weren't able to hike down close to the falls on our trip unfortunately, but the overlook from the top is still worth it! The falls are so much bigger than I expected and so easily accessible if you just want a nice view!

Queen's Bath is a beautiful and serene location on the coast of Kauai. The water is warm and clear for snorkeling and great for some cliff jumping too. Use all safety precautions when it comes to jumping in or the time of day - the tide can turn this peaceful spot into an extremely dangerous one!

We went on a tandem kayak tour for our honeymoon and loved this excursion! We had some difficulty with the tour (it got shortened due to a landslide and the drive was pretty rough), but when all is said and done, we had a great time! We saw sea turtles and dolphins along our journey, snorkeled and stopped for lunch and beach combing. The coast is truly breath-taking!

It's a short and easy hike to see the famous Seven Sacred Pools! The pools aren't open to swimming/exploration, but you can get a very nice view of them from above! They were different than what I expected from the photos (most larger). Something to note: These pools are within the National Park and do cost an entrance fee. It also closes early (4:30pm when we visited) so plan accordingly!

Absolutely incredible sunrise above the clouds! Give yourself an hour or more to watch the sunrise and see the clouds lift to reveal more and more of the incredible view! Dress warmly, it can be very very cold, especially in the early morning. We booked a tour through Maui Riders for the Maui Sunrise Volcano Bike Tour, where we rode a bus to the top for the volcano for sunrise, then biked down the mountain (really coasted, I think I maybe pedaled twice!) Definitely would recommend this! Can't go at sunrise? The views are amazing anytime of day and you'll see some the endangered Hawaiian Silversword plant and maybe even a Chukar Partridge or a NeNe goose!

My husband and I absolutely loved our day traveling on the road to Hana! It's true what they say - start early if you want to see a lot! Below are the lists of stops we made: 1. Painted Trees 2. Aunty Sandy's Banana Bread (got there right when they opened at 8am for fresh out of the oven banana bread - amazing!!) 3. Ching's Pond 4. Upper Waikani/Three Bear Falls 5. Pua’a Ka’a State Wayside Park 6. Kaihalulu Beach (favorite stop!) 7. Pools of O’heo Scattered throughout were lots of waterfalls that we stopped at to take a quick photo. The road is VERY twisty with almost constant turns. Neither of us required any medicine or got car sick, but it is definitely meant to be taken by a confident driver! We attempted to go to Wai'anapanapa State Park but it was full and we didn't buy passes in advance. Also we didn't realize the Pools of O'heo are within the National Park that closes at 4:30pm, so we weren't able to see nearly as much of that as we had hoped. Regardless, it was an amazing trip, and we are totally happy it didn't all go as planned and we got to see all we could see! The very best part to us was actually going on the "backside" of Hana, as in not going the most traveled way back home. It was absolutely gorgeous - we saw wildlife, a rainbow and the best sunset of my life! Check with your car rental company if that applies, many don't allow you to take the backside as is quite rough and could damage your car. But if you are allowed and take it slow, it is so worth it!

Cowan's Gap is a beautiful lake nestled in the mountains that great for a summer afternoon! We did this hike with our whole family, including three toddlers, and every one enjoyed it! It gives great views of the lake from every angle and the kids loved being in nature and looking for fish! It was a quick hike that we followed up with a picnic and some swimming at the beach. It's a great place to spend the day with friends and family!

We explored quite a bit on the Road to Hana, and this was hands-down our favorite spot! Getting to the trail feels a little sneaky as you have to walk around the right side of the Hana Community Center and find the trailhead in the tree line. The trail itself offers beautiful views of the ocean and the beach itself is stunning and, as the name says, truly a deep red color! It was a peaceful spot for both sitting on the beach and snorkeling - the rocky barricade keeps the water calm for exploration. We saw a huge variety of fish! We also witnessed a "private" Hawaiian wedding while we were there, which was a pretty cool experience! This stop is a must on your Road to Hana experience!

Short trail to the regal and peaceful Queen's Bath! A few things to note: 1) The parking lot is in a fancy community surrounded by a golf course. We felt unsure if we were in the right spot until we saw the Trailhead sign. 2) The trail itself is a short trek through the woods and is mostly downhill and a bit unstable. We wore flip flops and swimsuits, but I would recommend shoes that are a bit sturdier for handling the hills and roots. 3) Once you get out of the woods, head to the left until you come upon Queen's Bath! It's beautiful to look out on the ocean - we spotted about 8 large sea turtles! Queen's Bath itself is lovely and warm for swimming and snorkeling, but research and pay attention to the tides, as it is very dangerous depending on that! The hike doesn't take long, but leave a lot of time for looking at the ocean and swimming in the bath! Also fun fact: The golf course is the ONLY place on the island I saw the elusive Hawaiian Goose, so take a look there if that's on your bird watching list.

This is a sweet and simple trail full of nature beauty and educational opportunities. You'll know you're in the right parking lot because it's home to a black and red live fire burn building. The trail features a bridge over water, a walk down to the river, and a bird blind! Trail is flat and quick. Downtown is just moments away to grab some dinner after your hike!

This is the museum-goers dream - rich in history, well marked and educational signs, free and you get to walk right up some pretty awesome airplanes! The museum walks you through the history of the US Air Force and let's you get up close to and sometimes inside the planes! My personal favorite area is the Space section where there are many rockets on display. Definitely allow 3-4 hours if you want to see the whole museum!

This is considered one of the best hikes in the park and there's a reason why!  It's located 10 minutes or so away from the Visitor center and takes you down a beautiful forest path to a huge sink hole!  There are several good photo opportunities and you can even walk down close to the actual Cedar Spring.  There are a large number of stairs so be prepared for that and leave time to take some breaks and take in the beauty of the area. 

My husband and I went on this trail after a cave tour!  Starting from the visitor center, you'll pass by the Historic Entrance to the cave - you can stop here if you haven't yet and see the very front end of the cave without a tour guide.  With the Historic Entrance to the cave to your back, keep heading down the hill on the wider path through the woods.  The signage at this park is great, so just follow them!  The "river styx' is at the down a short boardwalk, and offers a good view of the main attraction.  It's cool to see how many entrances there are into this huge cave system!  If you don't want to go out and back, I'd highly suggest adding on the Green Bluffs Trail that starts where the River Styx Trail stops!  Offers beautiful views and a different scenery back to the visitor center.

This hike is within George Roger's Clark Park, a small but beautiful park that features numerous trails and historical buildings (houses, tipis and even a fort!).  It is free to get in. To get to the lake you will enter the park and drive straight through the first parking lot and up the large hill and turn left when the road forks to park at Hosterman Lake.  The trail itself is a bit hilly (for Ohio), but I'd still say it's easy and offers great views of the lake!  We saw a Great Blue Heron and a few fishermen enjoying time on the lake.  I highly recommend it for a quick and pretty hike!

I got to go to this festival twice in the past couple years and it did not disappoint! The tulips are beautiful and planted all over town, but the best places to see them are at the Windmill Island (and be sure to take a tour of the Windmill itself!) and at Veldheer Tulip Gardens. Besides the tulips themselves, there is so much to see and do - watching the Tulip parade, strolling through the shops at Downtown Holland, getting the Tulip Time specials at the local restaurants and checking out the local contests that are unique to this event! Plan in advance though - hotels get booked quickly and are more expensive at this time, so book early! Check the weather as well, it's springtime, but it's also Michigan, so it could be quite chilly!

This is truly a trail like no other! You feel like you've been transported to Mars - the trail zig zags down into the craters of Haleakala and feels like a desert in the sky. Be sure to bring water, your camera, and warm clothes - although it is Hawaii, it can be very cold and windy on top of Haleakala, especially in the early morning or evening. We made it down a mile or two and came back, but it was well worth it! It is constantly uphill returning to the top, so leave time to take breaks, and again, be well hydrated! Also, unless you are on a tour, you will drive yourself up Haleakala - it is a lengthy drive and the higher you get, the less guardrails there are, so keep that in mind if heights and driving aren't your thing. This hike was perhaps our favorite part of our Maui vacation!

I have visited this waterfall in all 4 seasons and it is always beautiful and worth the trip! They recently added walkways on both sides of the falls and even a picnic area that offers a great view! The surrounding trails are pretty and not too difficult if you are looking for an easy and rewarding hike. There are two great coffee shops, Beans & Cream and Telemetry within a mile of the falls that make a great pre- or post- hike snack as well!

Such a beautiful, open cave with a picturesque waterfall! A very easy and short hike met with a unique and wonderful view. Fall is an especially beautiful time to visit this park.

I love exploring this cave whenever I am in the Hocking Hills area! During peak season it can be a bit crowded, but worth it! It also can be a bit slippery in the cave so be sure to bring good shoes!

This is by far my favorite Frank Lloyd Wright house. The way it's built among the trees over a waterfall is an amazing feat of architecture and engineering. The theme of the house is very much bringing the outside in, so there are tons of windows and views out to the falls and forest.

I loved visiting this park and completing this challenge while in Indiana for an internship. The dunes are fairly high and are a tough, sandy climb - be sure to hydrate well and be prepared for a workout! The views from the top are worth the effort. It would be a good hike on its own, but the challenge makes it even more fun! When I completed it, the visitor center even awarded me with a free sticker to display the accomplishment!

I loved the rocky beaches along this path! It felt safe to walk it alone and I love how it's high off the ground level so you can look down and out towards the ocean. I visited for a work trip in March and it was chilly but bearable, and since it was the off season, parking was free!