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Eric Hale

Is it shallow often yes. But the current is strong and will wipe you out quick if not very careful. The caves have collapsed or the Forrest service collapsed them, one or the two. It is a great place for pictures and a short 30-45 min rest of your wanting to hike the waterfall loop. If your just driving and only going to the cave falls it’s not worth the gas unless your just trying to get away for a while. They added parking fees a while back so take some cash. You will need to fill out an envelope and place it in the box.

Having grown up around the area. It was always nice to make the short hike up to the falls or visit it coming home from camp little lemhi up the road. Now I’ve only been twice in the last 2 years. Reluctantly taking a friend or my wife to fish as I usually know it’s never going to be the same. Last time I went there was a tour bus!!!!! Attempting to not cover the entire freaking road. Little ants piled out and 2 hours later little ants piled back in. The beauty of the area has always been in its seclusion, so if your lucky enough to ever see this place secluded you will see it for what should be but never will be again. If not you will just see another fishing hole with a cliff and a few idiots trying to climb onto the falls in a pair of Gucci slides with a new Yellowstone tshirt, long pants, and matching Maui Jim gift shop cowboy hats and sunglasses trying really hard not to look like complete idiot. As they slip and slide down the rock and we all wait with our cell phones to see if 911 needs to be called again. It’s beautiful when people don’t ruin it.Also if you go, pick up your trash. I picked up nearly 2 bags full last time. Thanks.