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Canyon Loop

Lumpkin, Georgia

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2.15 miles

Elevation Gain

236 ft

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Added by Seth Berry

Reminiscent of a southwestern US landscape, Georgia's "Little Grand Canyon" offers unique views from along the rim and a pleasant hike through the canyon floors along the Providence Canyon's Canyon Loop.

Miniscule compared to the Grand Canyon, this vibrant-colored canyon offers a unique adventure unlike any other in Georgia. The most popular way to explore the canyon is through the 4.8 mile Canyon Loop Trail in the Providence Canyon Outdoor Recreation Area. ($5 for parking)

The White Blaze Canyon Loop Trail circles nine of the canyons. To hike canyons 1–5 from the Visitor Center, hike ¼ of a mile down to the creek bed, and turn left, following the creek bed into the canyons. Hikers may reach canyons 6-9 by turning left into the second creek further down the Canyon Loop Trail. After arriving at the end of each canyon, backtrack out to return to the trail. Turn left on the Canyon Loop Trail to continue the loop back to the Visitor Center. While hiking through the day-use area, follow the fence line for the best overlooks.

No climbing is allowed from the canyon floor or rim because the soils are very fragile. The canyon floors are prone to be wet or muddy, so wear appropriate footwear.

Want to make this an overnight camping adventure? Check out http://gastateparks.org/ProvidenceCanyon for more details.

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Dog Friendly
Picnic Area


Great Place, Highly Recommend

Wow! The rock formations here are unreal. The raw red rock is really beautiful against the green wooded areas. There are really great overlooks which allowed my senior in-laws to cash in on some canyon views without difficulty. Lots of spots to have a picnic too. Given this is a park full of canyons, be ready to descend (knee-killer) and climb!

Definitely will be back! Great trails, parks for kids, clean and plenty of sites to see. They even do clean up days so look for those.

been here multiple times, and each time it is different than the last. i have climbed up the sides when im at the bottom, and i have walked the trails. each time i have so much fun. i reccomend staying at the park thats about 15 mins away to make a whole weekend out of it.

I always take a nostalgic trip here to just enjoy the scenery. I love the hike as well.

For a Floridian, this is a pretty awesome hike for someone whose local landscape's closest thing to a mountain is our eroding dunes. Really fun change of scenery with a hike that's as rigorous as you make it.



Although it doesn't compare to many other places, it's still a really neat place to explore. I think it's pretty rad that Georgia has something like it, since most of the trails here are forests, mountains, and waterfalls... save the ones on the coast. I definitely don't recommend wearing any new shoes or shoes you don't want to get dirty. The red clay will definitely get on ya, especially while walking on the creek bed. I didn't think about it and wore white shoes. Oh well, they can be cleaned ;) But I think it would be a really cool place to hammock and just explore with your family one day. Maybe even play hide and go seek with kids. You'll be able to see the sunrise over the canyon as well, so that's something else you could do. I'm not sure when the park opens though. I'd check on their website first before driving out there.

There is a shorter three-mile loop through the "canyons" and a longer seven-mile backcountry loop. Pleasant scenery, unique for the area, though it is a bit disappointing to know that it is just a result of bad farming.

Had a friend that went to canyon loop on school field trip. He sent me a bunch of pictures and told me I definitely have to make it out there to take some photos. One day I will .

I didn't get to hike all of the trails on my first trip, so I will definitely be going back. There isn't a whole going on at this park, from what I was able to see, but it is scenic and a good place for a low key hike. The canyon floor is nice and cool with a light stream running through it and there are a lot of good photo opportunities. Watch out for hornets and soft sand if you like to wander off trail.

Leave No Trace

Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!


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