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Hatie ParmeterTeam


I love paddling and walking my dogs!

This lake loop is the perfect place to bring kids. Enjoy the two beaches in the summer (that often have lifeguards) and paved, plowed path in the winter. The leaves are beautiful in the autumn and many birds stop here in the spring! Watch for wading birds any time the lake isn't frozen. Stop at Nokomis Cafe for lunch and an Italian soda before or after your walk.

Rent a kayak or bring your own vessel to meander the water of this small manmade slough. Sag is a great place for beginners to dip their toes into watersports or try activities like birding! There are tons of shorebirds and birds of prey here thanks to the many acres of forest and waterways surrounding the lake. Watch for frogs and turtles along the edges! There is plenty of parking at the boat launch during the week, but summer weekends can get busy. There's also a lot of grassy hangout space to dry out stuff after a paddle or stretch out before/after.

This trail has gorgeous river views and is excellent for looking at the waterfront houses. It can get busy but it v quiet in the non-summer seasons.