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  • Kerry, Ireland

    Top Spots in and near Kerry

    • Killarney, Ireland

      Drive the Ring of Kerry

      Most people drive the Ring of Kerry as a day trip from the town of Killarney, and it is best done in a clockwise direction to go the opposite way of tour buses. From Killarney take the N-71 through Killarney National Park, making short stops at the scenic Muckross House, Ross Castle, and Torc Wat...
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    • Kerry, Ireland

      Hike the Muckross Lake Loop Walk

      11.8 mi / 1900 ft gain
      Ireland's Killarney National Park provides world-class views and adventures. Immediately upon entering the park, you will find yourself in a green forest with lots of options for exploration. There are designated hiking trails that lead you deep into the forest, where you might stumble upon elk, ...
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    • Kerry, Ireland

      Walk to The Meeting of the Waters and Old Weir Bridge in Killarney National Park

      2.5 mi
      From the Dinis car park just off N-71, follow the flat Muckross Lake Loop trail towards Dinis Cottage. The path skirts around Muckross Lake until you arrive at Dinis Cottage, which is a tea room open during the summer season that has hundreds of rhododendron of different colors blooming in early ...
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    • Kerry, Ireland

      Hike the Torc Waterfall Loop

      1.5 mi / 350 ft gain
      Starting at the Torc Waterfall parking lot off of the N71 road, follow the trail to the waterfall, which is only about a 4-5 minute walk from the road. This 70+ waterfall is surrounded by lush green vegetation as it tumbles over a few cascades. Continuing up the stairs to the side of the waterfal...
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    • Beaufort, Ireland

      Hike the Gap of Dunloe

      7.15 mi / 1142 ft gain
      Hiking this renowned trail can be done in several ways, extending this journey into an out-and-back route or shortening it to only a portion of the trail. The route I can suggest begins at Lord Brandon's Tea Room on the shores of the Upper Lake, and ends at Kate Kearney's Cottage just over 7 mile...
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    • 52.188095,-9.877449, Ireland

      Caherconree Peak

      3.43 mi / 2034 ft gain
      Caherconree is the second-highest mountain on the Dingle Peninsula. The ruins of an ancient fort near the summit give the mountain its name, and a place in Irish fokelore. It's hard to not to imagine the stories unfolding as you hike up the steep hillside. To reach the summit of Caherconree, you...
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    • 51.869247,-10.380680, Ireland

      Kerry Cliffs

      1.33 mi / 200 ft gain
      Along the famous Ring of Kerry drive, you’ll come across the extremely underrated Kerry Cliffs.  They are over 400 million years old and stand 1,000 feet above The Wild Atlantic.   Like so much of our trip to Ireland it was a torrential downpour when we were here.  We were the only people at the...
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    • Kilcrohane, Ireland

      Hike a Part of the Sheep's Head Way near Kilcrohane

      7.5 mi / 1049.9 ft gain
      The sleepy village of Kilcrohane almost at the tip of the Sheep's Head peninsula in Southwestern Ireland is the  perfect starting point for this little 12k hike through the stunning scenery between the Bays of Bantry and Dunmanus. After a luscious Irish breakfast you might want to tie you boots a...
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