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John Brodie

Just kidding. The mileage given is accurate IF you come to the first petrified wood stump and then turn around. I went in late June and all the plant life is green and still flowering. There is no shade on the trail. Sun protection and plenty of water is a must, especially if you want to go even a bit further. And speaking of going further, the trail in many spots is extremely hard to follow. I ended up going the entire length of the north route, and took a fading horse/bison trail to the Little Missouri (~10 total, from trailhead to river and back to trail head) where the trail is basically indistinguishable from the surrounding prairie or canyon. The views and wildlife are worth it all. Do pray for dry weather, though. That clay sticks to your shoes and makes the trail slick. Geology nerds and erosion aficionados will find this hike particularly enjoyable. Oh and watch for snakes and ticks. Ok what did I miss? If you’re driving thru NoDak and have time for one hike and one hike only, do this one.