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Bike around Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe, California

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72.2 miles

Elevation Gain

4308 ft

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Added by Nicole Rogers

Bike around all of Lake Tahoe - you'll get beautiful views of the lake and awesome climbing plus you're at elevation!

You'll want to wake up early for this adventure. Be sure to have breakfast and hydrate before you start. 

I suggest going clockwise around the lake. The elevation hit me. I also went with a group of friends, and what's nice about going in a group though is that you can stop every so often to make sure you're all with each other. The first 20 miles is uphill and hard. It was a lot of climbing.  

At mile 20 you'll cruise. It's super flat for a good 10 miles. There are a couple of hills but even miles 30 – 50 are pretty speedy as well. We stopped at mile 50 to have lunch - delish :)

Miles 50-57ish is climbing. And climbing. And climbing. At mile 57 you'll go downhill. The views are gorgeous!

You'll finish at mile 72.2.

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Bike around Lake Tahoe Reviews

This has always been one of my favorite things to do when I’m up in Lake Tahoe. During the summers, you’ll get beautiful views of the lake, but make sure to watch the traffic. Since the pandemic, it’s gotten pretty busy up here and a lot more people out and about. most of the ride is flat, but you’ll encounter a few hilly spots, but nothing you can’t handle. Take some time and enjoy the views!

This is a great bike ride that has improved over the years with more bike paths. Albeit the bike paths may be slower you don’t have to worry about cars, debri, pot holes, or road furniture. There are still plenty of sections where you will be on the road with cars. The two times I’ve done this ride we went clockwise so that we were always closest to the lake side, this made for many great photo opportunities. There are several bathrooms along the route and a lot of great places to eat at. Depending on where you start/end you may need to do a little research on where you can park or maybe you’re able to bike from wherever you are crashing the night before.

I've done the bike race now 2 years in a row and it's been incredible. Not an easy race but both times I've crushed my time and have felt generally stoked through out. It's amazing to see all parts of the lake by virtue of your own effort.

Great ride but know the route and plan ahead. Always ride clockwise around the lake so that your are in the sightline of drivers gawking at the scenery. Start in Incline or Kings Beach so that you get the worst part of the ride over with. Its not the long climb up to Spooner that is hard... it's the boring roller section from Cave Rock to South Lake Tahoe that usually gets people when they are tired. And just a general note... respect traffic laws and other road users. It can be crowded up here on summer weekends. When you act like an ass hat it is never you that feels the wrath of the drivers road rage... its always the next rider who takes the fall for your stupid actions.

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