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Lewis Hackett

I opted for the longer and more expensive through the lens tour because of how time limited the regular tour was. Prior to beginning this tour I missed my departure due to a 1 hour time change coming from BC to AB that I was unaware of. However, the staff at maligne lake put me on the regular boat tour and I met my through the lens tour group on spirit island. Having experienced both tours, I would recommend the through the lens tour if you are serious about photographing the island. The groups size on the regular tour are large and you are only given 15 mins to photograph so everyone is rushing and firing off shots and getting in your way. With the through the lens tour you have the island to yourself for about 30 mins after the last regular boat tour leaves and are on the island for 1 hour total. The guy who runs the through the lens tour is named Mike and he is super helpful and knowledgable. He even lent me his tripod as I left mine in the car after running frantically to the boat house because I was late. The lake itself is stunning but if you want extra time to take it in, I do recommend the through the lens tour as an alternative to canoeing the 11k. If you're in a pinch, the regular tour should suffice

Completed the hike to lower and upper falls at around 7am. Had the place to ourselves and it was absolutely amazing. Weaving through the canyon walls on suspension bridges provides excellent views of the canyon, river and various falls. Managed to find the Johnston canyon cave but it took some serious looking! Not easy to spot but lies near the entrance of upper falls on the right. We left the canyon at around 9am and hoards of people were coming in so I recommend getting there early!

This was one of the first hikes I completed in VA. The car park is fairly easy to miss as its not clearly signed and is really small. The trail itself is pretty remarkable! The "marbles" or rocks range in size from smallish to the size of a large van. It's a tough climb to the top but the view is well worth it!

The road up to the viewpoint is very windy and offers terrific views of the Columbia River gorge. The view of the iconic Rowena crest is easy to access and very rewarding!

This was definitely the highlight of my trip to OR. Arrived fairly early and there were only a few people around. Started to get busy around lunchtime so I definitely recommend the early hours if you're looking for solitude!

The falls are easy to access but it's quite difficult to go out onto the rocks to gain closer views of the falls. I went there on a Sunday morning around 10am and it was packed. If you plan to do this at the weekend, get there early!

I completed this trail early in the morning while it was misty which made the hike very enchanting. The summit offered an amazing view of neighbouring mountain ranges. The wild flowers are scattered everywhere and shouldn't be missed!

Really great if you're looking for a slightly longer (loop) or shorter (out and back) hike. The Cole mountain bald provides an excellent panoramic view of the neighbouring mountain range with little obstruction

I was really surprised at how close the parking lot is to the lowest section of the falls. Ideal if you want to quickly stop and take a few snaps but it's definitely worth hiking to the upper waterfall!

Superb waterfall in a very remote part of VA. Views from the roadside and at the base of the falls are very different. It almost looks like two different waterfalls! Definitely be aware of the slippery rocks on your way down. I highly recommend this adventure for the view and solitude.